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Among Us Fungle Sabotage Guide Cover

I’ve been loving the new map ‘The Fungle’ on Among Us. I was never a fan of Airship since it’s too big for my taste, but The Fungle is just right. The concept is that The Skeld crash-landed on an island, creating a fan mix of machinery and natural features. It comes with brand new tasks, as well as sabotages. This Among Us Fungle sabotage guide will tell you exactly what to expect from those pesky impostors.

Although, I say ‘pesky impostors’, you might actually end up being the imp! So as well as explaining the new sabotages for The Fungle, I’ll give some tips on how to best use them. An interesting thing about The Fungle is that doors and emergencies can be sabotaged at the same time. Also, if you want to know more about The Fungle, check out this comprehensive guide to everything!

Sabotage ‘Doors’

The Fungle doesn’t technically have any doors to lock, but there is a sabotage that blocks areas. When the impostor calls the sabotage, it’ll grow a mushroom wall that seals off entry. They can lock the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Kitchen
  • Laboratory
  • Lookout
  • Mining Pit
  • Reactor
  • Storage
Among Us Fungle Sabotage Guide, Mushroom Walls
Let me in!!

Sabotage Comms

So, the concept of sabotaging comms isn’t new to The Fungle, but the way it’s implemented is. Instead of turning a dial to match signals, that’s now a regular task unrelated to the sabotage. To fix the sabotage, you need to input a code in 2 locations. There’s one in Communications, the other is in Lookout.

This is similar to the O2 sabotage in The Skeld, just the interface is slightly different. You need to look at the code on the right and type it into the keypad. But beware! You have a limited time before the code resets, there’s a shrinking bar underneath the code which shows how much time is left. Both locations need to have the code inputted within the same time frame, or it resets. I’ve checked in Practice Mode, and this is impossible to do with just one person since it takes too long to get between the locations. Technically an impostor could fix it solo, but that would involve venting.

Whilst this sabotage is active, nobody can see their tasks. Also, engineers can’t vent, and guardian angels can’t protect. However, since the cams equivalent here is a telescope, this is unaffected by the Comms sabotage.

Fix Comms
This one relies on good teamwork.

Sabotage Reactor

This is the only critical emergency on The Fungle. However, you have a full 60 seconds to fix it, so it’s unlikely to result in an imp win unless the crewmates are pretty useless. Just like on The Skeld, this sabotage is deactivated by two people touching an electronic pad at the same time. It does require two people, but theoretically one could still be an impostor.

Among Us Fungle Sabotage Guide, Reactor Meltdown
You just need to tap and hold.

Mushroom Mixup

This is a sabotage that’s brand new to The Fungle, and it’s an exciting one! There are many curious mushrooms that grow on this island, and one of them shows up with a fun spiral pattern on the impostor’s sabotage map. When they click it, every single player on the map will shapeshift for 10 seconds. Yup, you read that right, EVERYBODY.

For those 10 seconds, it’s chaos, and there’s no way of telling who’s who. The shapeshifting is completely random, and you won’t take on the appearance of another player. Instead, you’ll be given a random colour and accessory (nothing premium, only outfits that can be worn by free players). The colours aren’t limited either, so more than one player can be the same colour. There’s literally no way to figure out who’s who.

If you’re a crewmate and the impostor calls this sabotage, my best advice is to stay away from everyone. The impostor can kill with impunity during these 10 seconds as they can’t get caught. Stay safe!

Mushroom Mixup
There’s no names, no anything. Just base skins. It’s madness!

Tips For Impostors

With these new sabotages, it can be confusing to know what to call. So, I have a few top tips for impostors looking to use sabotages to their advantage.

  • Don’t Call Reactor – Given the cooldown periods, I would recommend not calling Reactor unless it’s to hide a body (if you’ve killed in somewhere like Cafeteria or Splash Zone, this would keep people away). Also, it could be useful if you’re on 6 so you can try for a double kill, but this relies on a competent impostor partner.
  • Sabotage Communications if you’re on 5 – If you and the other imp are on 5, sabotage Communications as soon as the round starts. This will prevent the guardian angel from protecting the crew, and you can get your final kill whilst they fix Comms. GG.
  • Mixup All the Time – I can’t overstate how useful Mushroom Mixup is as a sabotage. I’m honestly surprised it passed the playtests, as when used right, it’s insane. The fact that it changes everyone on the map means you may as well be invisible. With the regular shapeshifter role, you’re at risk of people being able to rule out others from being the SS. But with Mixup, everybody is a suspect. Just be aware that 10 seconds goes quicker than you think, so have a clear kill target in mind when you use it, and be ready to vent away immediately.
  • Hide When You Sabotage – In the Jungle, there are green mushrooms that release a purple smoke when you walk on them. This purple smoke makes you invisible, and it means you can stand still to open your sabotage map without looking sus.
Among Us Fungle Sabotage Guide, Hide when you sabotage
You can see yourself, but nobody else can.


I hope this Among Us Fungle sabotage guide was useful for you! I’ve been playing the new map obsessively since it’s launched, and I’m glad I can impart my wisdom on you all. Don’t forget to check out the Fungle Tasks Guide to learn how to do all the tricky new tasks.

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