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Among Us Fungle Task Guide Cover

At long last, a new map is here! Innersloth released ‘The Fungle’ on October 24 2023, and it’s already a huge hit with players. The new map features a fun island biome with mysterious mushrooms abound. As well as some returning tasks from previous maps, there are some brand new ones too!

In this Among Us Fungle task guide, I’ll talk you through every single task on the map, and how to complete them. Please note, I’m on mobile, so if I refer to ‘finger’ then replace that with ‘cursor’ if you’re on PC/ console. By the way, there are no visual tasks on The Fungle. Let’s get stuck in! Also, if you want to know more about The Fungle, check out this comprehensive guide to everything.

Long, Short, and Common Tasks

Before I launch into the step by step instructions for each task, here’s a brief breakdown of the categories for tasks on this map.

  • Long Tasks – Catch Fish, Collect Vegetables, Extract Fuel, Help Critter, Hoist Supplies, Mine Ores, Polish Gem, Replace Water Jug, Water Plants.
  • Short Tasks – Assemble Artifact, Build Sandcastle, Collect Shells, Crank Generator, Find Signal, Fix Antenna, Fix Wiring, Empty Garbage, Lift Weights, Monitor Mushrooms, Play Video Game, Record Temperature, Throw Frisbee.
  • Common Tasks – Collect Stick, Collect Samples, Id Code, Replace Parts


  • Collect Shells – Rub your finger back and forth over the sand to reveal all the shells and collect them.
  • Collect Stick – Very easy first part to this task, just click on the stick in whichever mound your map directs you to. For part 2, head to the campfire in the middle of the beach, and tap on one of the marshmallows to start toasting it. After a few seconds, it’ll go brown, and yellow stars will sparkle around it. Tap it when you see the stars. If you wait too long, your marshmallow will burn, and you’ll have to start part 2 again.
  • Roast Marshmallow – This is part 2 of the task above, look at ‘Collect Stick’ to see how to complete it.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Roast Marshmallows
Keep a close eye on the marshmallow!


  • Empty Garbage – Very different to the trash task in the Cafeteria in The Skeld. For this, you’re presented with a tied bag of rubbish in a bin. This task is a bit tricky, and you may find yourself wildly waving the bag all over the place. Instead, what you need to do is grab the tie handles and shake it side to side to loosen it. Then, rotate your fingers around so the bag is upside down and pull harshly. Repeat until the bag dislodges.
  • Replace Water Jug – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Storage. See the Storage heading for how to complete this.
Cafeteria: Empty Garbage
The garbage task can be found in both Cafeteria and Splash Zone.


  • Fix Antenna – This one just involves you repeatedly clicking on it. If you hold, you’ll have a more powerful hit, but I’ve found the most success with just tapping on it a few times.
  • Fix Wiring – The same as on other maps, except it’s a standalone task rather than 1 of 3. Simply drag your finger from the wires on the left to the wires of the same colour on the right.
  • Crank Generator – Click on the lever and then rotate your finger clockwise (in the direction of the arrows) over and over again until the generator is fully charged.
  • Find Signal – This is like the sabotage in other maps, but it’s just a regular task instead. Turn the oscillating dial until the waves on both screens are the same length.
  • Replace Parts – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Reactor. See the Reactor heading for how to complete this.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Crank generator
Round and round and round it goes…


  • Catch Fish – The only task on the Dock. All you have to do is wait for the shadow of the fish to be directly underneath your fishing rod, and then tap on the screen. Do this 3 times to catch all 3 fish. It’s okay if you mess up, you won’t have to start again. Then head to the Kitchen to cook them. Tap on the fish outlines to place all 3 fish, then wait 10 seconds (you can come off the task screen). After 10 seconds, tap on them to flip them, then wait another 10 seconds. Go back and click on each fish again to complete the task.
Dock: Catch Fish
Watch for the dark orange shadows of the fish.


  • Fix Wiring – This is an identical task to the one in Communications, see the Communications heading for how to complete this.
  • Replace Parts – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Reactor/ Upper Engine. See the Reactor heading for how to complete this.


  • Collect Vegetables – Click and hold on each vegetable and pull it away in the direction that the top is pointing. For part 2, head to the Kitchen. Tap the vegetables to place them on the chopping board, then repeatedly tap on the chopping board to cut them.
  • Record Temperature – You’ll see a number on the right of the screen, and a number on the left. You need to adjust the number on the left so it matches the right. You can manually tap the up or down button, but it’s easier to just hold it down, since the task automatically completes when they match, so there’s no risk of going too far.
  • Water Plants – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Storage. See the Storage heading for how to complete this.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Record Temperature
Simply press up or down to make the number higher or lower.


  • Collect Samples – You need to pick up all the mushrooms and gems on the screen to complete the first part. Then, head to Laboratory, and sort them into the correct jars. The mushrooms go in the jar with a mushroom depicted on, and the gems go in the jar with a gem depicted on it. You simply click and drag to move them.
  • Hoist Supplies – You need to pull the rope on the left towards you to raise the supplies upwards. After part 1, move to The Cliffs (up the ladder) and do the same thing there to complete the task.
  • Help Critter – You need to click on the leaves to remove them until you see the egg. Then. click on the egg to collect it and complete part 1. After that, go to the Laboratory, and incubate the egg by clicking on the centre of the incubator. Wait 30 seconds, then return. The egg will have hatched, leaving you a hungry and thirsty critter. Click on the water bottle and the empty plate to complete the task.
  • Monitor Mushroom – This one looks confusing at first, but it’s actually very easy. Raise each bar up or down until the top matches the same height as the white line. When it’s right, it’ll turn green.
Jungle: Monitor Mushrooms
Don’t be put off by the complicated visuals, this is a really simple task.


  • Cook Fish – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Dock. See the Dock heading for how to complete this.
  • Crank Generator – This is identical to a task that in Communications. See the Communictions heading for how to complete this.
  • Prep Vegetables – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Greenhouse. See the Greenhouse heading for how to complete this.


  • Assemble Artifact – Get your puzzling skills ready! You need to put all the pieces of the artifact on the table in order. Start with the pointy gem that’s facing downwards, and then line up all the cracks to assembles the rest of the pieces, ending with the pointy one facing upwards. See the picture if you’re still confused.
  • Collect Samples – This is part 2 of a task that starts in Jungle. See the Jungle heading for how to complete this.
  • Record Temperature – This is an identical task to the one in Greenhouse, see the Greenhouse heading for how to complete this.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Assemble Artifact
The artifact pieces arrange as so.


  • Enter Id Code – Just like in other maps, you need to pull your ID card out of your wallet, and look at the number on the card. Then, enter that number into the keys on screen. This is the only task in Lookout.

Mining Pit

  • Mine Ores – You will be presented with a screen of many rocks, and a large pickaxe. Click and hold on a rock to select your target, trying to let go when the dial is in the green. The closer you are to being in the green, the more powerful the swing, and the more surrounding rocks will be destroyed. Keep doing this until all the ores are unearthed.
  • Polish Gems – See where all the dirty spots on the gem are, and rub your finger back and forth to clean them.
Mining Pit: Mine Ores
Let go when the bar shows green.


  • Record Temperature – This is an identical task to the one in Greenhouse, see the Greenhouse heading for how to complete this.
  • Replace Parts – Tap on the toolbox to open it, then pick up all 3 parts to finish part 1. For part 2, you first need to drag all the broken and rusty parts to the trash icon in the top right. Then, put the shiny new pieces in place where the old ones were, making sure to keep the same shapes so that all the connections remain intact.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Replace Parts
Out with the old, in with the new!

Splash Zone

  • Build Sandcastle – Drag the sandcastle bucket up and off the top of your sandcastle to reveal your masterpiece and complete the task.
  • Empty Garbage – This is an identical task to the one in Cafeteria, see the Cafeteria heading for how to complete this.
  • Lift Weights – You need to have good reaction times for this. Drag the weights upwards, then hold them in place until the dial is inside the green bar, at which point, let go. Do this 3 times. It doesn’t need to be consecutive, so it’s okay if you mess up.
  • Throw Frisbee – Pick the Frisbee up out of the sand by tapping on it. Then click on it and move your finger diagonally upwards to throw it into the sunset.
Splash Zone: Lift Weights
This one is all about the timing.


  • Replace Water Jug – Click on the button at the top to transfer the water from one jug into the other. Then for part 2, move to Cafeteria and do the same thing there.
  • Water Plants – Look along the shelves until you see the watering can (it’s blue) and click on it. Then, move to Greenhouse, and click on each of the dying plants to water them and bring them back to life.
Among Us Fungle Task Guide, Water Plants
Let there be life!

The Dorm

  • Play Video Game – This task is identical to the Clear Asteroids task on The Skeld. Tap on asteroids as they fly across the screen. The task completes once you tap 20 of them.

Upper Engine

  • Extract Fuel – You just have to hold down the button for around 6 seconds to extract all the fuel. Then, finish the task by going to Storage and doing the same thing there to replace the fuel. Job done.
  • Replace Parts – This is identical to a task in Reactor. See the Reactor heading for how to complete this.


Hopefully this Among Us Fungle task guide has been useful for you. It covers all the tasks that can be found in the new Among Us map The Fungle, and gives clear steps on how to complete them. You should also check out this The Fungle sabotage guide!

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