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I’m loving the cosy and adorable indie title Beacon Pines on Xbox Game Pass. It’s got a fantastic story and really unique gameplay features. One way in which you influence the progression is by collecting charms. These can then be used to fill in sentences and change the course of the story. Thus, in order to make good progress, you need to collect as many charms as possible. This Beacon Pines charms guide will help you find all the locations of the charms so that you can complete the game as easily as possible. You can also find an achievements guide here.

There are many assets that you can interact with in the game, but only some of them will give you charms, and some are easy to miss. So hopefully this article will save you a lot of time searching. I’m breaking the charms into their respective chapters, but it’s worth noting that some of them can only be attained after going back in time using the Chronicle, and changing which charm you used at a particular time of the story. But in these cases, I will specify that when mentioning the charm location.

Chapter 1

Here are all the charms and locations available in chapter 1.


This is the first charm you come across. It’s in the dandelion field below the area that you start in. Simply run through the dandelions and you’ll sneeze, revealing the charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 1, Tickle


To get this one, simply sit on the chair in the living room of your house. A bonus is that there’s a really adorable animation when you slide off the chair afterwards.

Chapter 1, Ponder


To get this one, interact with the door of the closet. This is upstairs in your house, and it’s the door in the middle of the wall.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 1, Hide


Look in the trunk at the foot of your bed. Inside you’ll find a sweater which you’ll automatically put on, granting you this charm.

Chapter 1, Chill


Head into the kitchen on the lower floor of your house. Interact with the drawer under the kitchen counter to get the Junk charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 1, Junk

Chapter 2

Time for the next section of this Beacon Pines charms guide. These are all the charms available in chapter 2.


When you arrive in the tree house to meet Rolo, head out the door (not the trap door). Interact with the satellite dish outside.

Chapter 2, Pull


When you’re in the Town Square, you’ll see a building on the right called The Beacon Beacon. Talk to Mr Wilder outside, and you’ll get the Change charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 2, Change


Interact with the bronze statue on the right of the Town Square. After you’ve read the inscription, you’ll get the charm.

Chapter 2, Indulgent


This charm isn’t censored in the game, but this website is strictly PG13, so use your imagination. To get this, you’ll need to head alone to the mysterious Valentine Fertilizer building. Try to open the door on the right hand side of the building, and you’ll get this charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 2, S**t


After using the Chronicle to go back in time (don’t worry, the details are explained in the game, you can’t miss this step), go back to the building, but with Rolo this time. On the way, you’ll run past Mr Nuncreed, which will initiate a short conversation which gives you the Shame charm.

Chapter 2, Shame


Another one that is granted automatically without you needing to interact with anything. Once you arrive at the Valentine Fertilizer building with Rolo, the ground will shake. After a short cutscene, you’ll get the Rumble charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 2, Rumble

Chapter 3

As we move on to Chapter 3, the branches of the Chronicle are going to start splitting off in more and more directions. I’ll make sure to specify the choices you need to make in order to get a particular charm. If there’s no mention of a choice, it means you just continue from the previous charm without going back and changing anything.


Go upstairs in the house and you’ll hear a weird static noise. Go into the bedroom and interact with the walkie talkie on the table.

Chapter 3, Strange


Go back into town. Once you’re in the Town Square, take the path to the South. Talk to the man stood outside the History Museum.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 3, Cling


In the same area as the History Museum, head to the left hand side, where there’s a giant watermelon. The sign says ‘Do not touch’, so, naturally, I touched it. You need to hit it 20 times, and then you’ll get the Smack charm. You also net yourself an achievement by doing so.

Chapter 3, Smack


Go to the Library, by taking the path to the front right of the Town Square. Once inside, interact with the second bookshelf on the left of the door. You’ll find a book, and you’ll get the Succulent charm once you read the cover.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 3, Succulent


Still in the Library, head on over to the counter and talk to Kado. Go through the conversation, and he’ll start talking about bees. He mentions how two Queen bees in a hive will fight to the death, and you’ll get the Fight charm.

Chapter 3, Fight


Head to the Valentine Fertilizer building, then go left and talk to Beck. A cutscene will trigger, and there’ll be a Turning Point. Choose ‘Strange’. Continue the cutscene, and you’ll get Struggle.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 3, Struggle


Go back to the Turning Point at the Warehouse of Horrors and choose ‘Struggle’ to start down the branch that leads to this charm. Go into the diner by taking the path at the back right of the Town Square. Talk to Mrs Fratelli to get Break.

Chapter 3, Break

Chapter 4

The default path I’m starting with for Chapter 4 is the one where you and Rolo went to the warehouse together. All the deviances from that path are stated.


Head out of your house, and follow the path downwards. Next to the Beacon Pines sign, a cutscene will trigger, and a group of adults walk past. They’ll talk to each other, and you’ll get the Refuse charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 4, Refuse


This requires you to continue from the Struggle route for Chapter 3, and select ‘Rumble’ for the Turning Point with the clouds. When you’re in Beck’s bedroom, interact with the flowers on the left hand side of her bedroom.

Chapter 4, Pungent

Chapter 5

The default path for Chapter 5 is the one continuing on from ‘Rumble’. All other branches will be specified.


Head to the treehouse, and you’ll have a fight with Rolo. When you get back to your room, interact with your stuff in the bottom left corner, and you’ll take out a football. Kick it a few times, and then you’ll have the option to interact with your bed, which will give you the Weep charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 5, Weep


Go back to bed, and you’ll have a dream. When you wake up, your gran will be standing over you. Have a conversation with her, and you’ll get the Accept charm.

Chapter 5, Accept

Chapter 6

This is continuing on from the ‘Rumble’ route for Chapter 5. All other branches will be specified.


Complete the scavenger hunt that Rolo sets up for you. After you head up the stairs on the left of the Town Square, talk to Lumi. You’ll then get the Hard charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 6, Hard


Come back down from the stairs and into the Town Square, where Rolo is waiting for you. He’ll apologise and give you some balloons, which will then grant you Flight.

 Chapter 6, Flight


Go back to the Turning Point and choose ‘Flight’. Play through the chapters until you find yourself in the frozen Town Square. Walk up to the Town Hall, and interact with the crooked sign above it.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 6, Crooked


Continuing on from what you did for Crooked, interact with the large hole in the centre of the Town Square, known as The Source. You’ll end up having a conversation with William Kerr, and the conversation will give you the Hum charm.

Chapter 6, Hum


Go to the Whether Weather Turning Point and choose ‘Break’. Play through the game until you reach your house. Go inside with Rolo and Beck, and head down to the secret lair. Interact with the jam making boxes in the bottom right to get Incendiary.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 6, Incendiary

Chapters 7 and 8

Both of these chapters, regardless of which branches you choose, seem to be story-related only. As such, I haven’t found any charms here.

Chapter 9

The final chapter before the epilogue, here are all the charms that you can find in Chapter 9. The default path is the one continuing on from the route for Incendiary.


Choose ‘Hard’ at the Turning Point. Play through the interrogation and on to the next day. Get out of bed, and head to the festival. When you get to the Beacon Pines sign, you’ll meet Beck and Rolo, and after talking to them, you’ll get Sly.

Chapter 9, Sly


Go back to the previous Turning Point and choose ‘Sly’. Continue the story as the game directs you, and at the festival, there will be a cutscene with a big reveal. After this, you’ll get the Malice charm.

Beacon Pines charms guide, Chapter 9, Malice


And there you have it, those are all the charm locations. Hopefully this Beacon Pines charms guide has been useful for you, and you’ve been able to discover all the different branches. If you enjoy talking about games, why not join our Facebook community? Also, if you think I’ve missed any charms, please tweet me with their locations and the Turning Points needed to reach them.

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