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Best Nerdy Advent Calendars 2022

One of the best things about the festive season is deciding which advent calendar to get to mark the occasion. There’s something so tantalisingly exciting about opening a brand new treat each day. And sure, you could be boring and just get a chocolate one, but why stop there? These days there are a multitude of advent calendars for pretty much anything you can imagine. With this list, I’ve narrowed down the best ones for the nerd in your life. Maybe that’s yourself, or maybe you’re looking for a gift for a loved one. Either way, here are the best nerdy advent calendars of 2022!

For this list, I’m mainly looking at ones around different TV shows, movies, or video games, as that’s the theme of this site after all. However, a few others that are tangentially related will be in here too. That way, whichever kind of nerd you’re shopping for, they’re covered! Also, none of these are affiliate links, these are all just advent calendars that I genuinely think are awesome. I’ve put the prices in pounds as I’m in England, but I believe that all of these are available internationally.

Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar

Price – £50

As a huge Funko Pop collector and Harry Potter fan myself, I was immediately tempted by this one. It features 24 Funko Pocket Pops, meaning they average just over £2 each. Funko usually release their Pocket Pops as keychains which tend to be between £8 and £10, so this is exceptionally good value for money.

I won’t post many spoilers, but based on unboxings, there seems to be a great range of characters available. Naturally, you get the Golden Trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in various outfits, but you also get more unique characters such as Professor Quirrell.

These tiny figures could be great for decorating a room. If somebody wants to really commit to a Harry Potter theme but doesn’t have a big budget for buying merch, this is perfect. You get the excitement of discovering the new Pops, as well as 24 unique figures to place wherever you want them. Personally, I think they could look really good along the edges of a bookshelf.

Pokémon TCG Advent Calendar

Price – £50

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t collect Pokémon cards myself (I’m more of a YuGiOh girl myself), but from what I hear, this is a really good purchase. I’m friends with several collectors, and they’ve been going crazy over this one. Across the 24 days, there are some super treats available for fans of the franchise.

Admittedly this one is pretty pricy, but supposedly it’s good value for what you’re getting. The calendar includes packs of TCG boosters, individual foil cards, coins, sticker sheets, and more. It’s a fun surprise to not know exactly what you’re getting each day. With the booster packs, it means everyone’s pulls will be different, so it’s two surprises in one.

The box design itself is also really cool. It features a festive scene on the front with Lapras, Delibird, and more with wintery snow all around them. The gold lines and intricate patterns around the box make this feel like a truly premium item, and I love the pokéball motif that really completed the look. Overall, this is easily one of the best nerdy advent calendars of 2022.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Price – £24

Lego and Star Wars are a match made in heaven, and there are so many awesome Lego sets in that franchise. The 2022 advent calendar is no exception, and it features many fun builds for fans to enjoy. The great thing about a calendar like this is that it appeals to pretty much any age group. I guarantee there will be 8 year olds and 48 year olds who will get this and be equally excited.

This features a lot of tiny builds behind each door. Some of them are miniature replicas of spacecrafts such as land speeders. Others are minifigures that can be added to a collection. Two of my favourite pieces in the set are the C3PO and R2-D2 figures as they’re both wearing adorable Christmas jumpers.

Technically the official price on the Lego store is £29.99, but it can be found for £24 pretty much anywhere else. There are a total of 329 pieces, so value for money is pretty much what you’d expect, maybe a bit better than a regular set.

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar

Price – £39.50

Another Harry Potter advent calendar, but this one is vastly different to the first. You will find no Funko figures in here, instead, it’s socks! Dobby would be thrilled! Each day features a different pair, so you can be certain of keeping your feet warm this winter. After all, as Dumbledore said, “one can never have too many socks”.

There are two types of styles in here. 7 are trainer socks, which means they stop at the ankles, and the other 5 are the traditional size of sock that you would expect. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of trainer socks, but I know other people who much prefer them. Regardless of size, I think the designs are excellent, and they convey the theme whilst still being a bit subtle. I think the Platform 9 3/4 pair is my favourite, but they’re all wonderful.

It’s worth noting that there are only 12 days in this one as opposed to 24, but it’s still a great product to buy. It averages out to just over £3 per pair, which is actually pretty good when you consider that all the socks are officially licensed. I’d say this is very worthy of being considered one of the best nerdy advent calendars of 2022.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar

Price – £24

I’m a huge fan of Marvel and the MCU, and this year, the Lego Marvel advent calendar is for Guardians of the Galaxy. This makes sense, as it goes nicely with the upcoming holiday special that will be releasing on Disney+. However, personally I would’ve liked to see more of a spread of characters and themes, as with the Star Wars one above.

What we do have, though, is still really cool. They’ve gone all out with the festive theme, and opening these each day throughout December is sure to get you into the spirit of Christmas. There are a range of holiday items such as candy canes and present boxes, as well as more general Guardians of the Galaxy themed items such as a stereo. There are also minifigures, including my favourite which is Groot dressed as a Christmas tree.

As with the other Lego advent calendar, this one is £29.99 directly through Lego, but cheaper when bought from other retailers such as Amazon. I think this is relatively fairly priced, but it only has 268 pieces, so it’s not quite as decent value as the Star Wars one.


As you can see, there are some awesome choices for the best nerdy advent calendars of 2022. Depending on what your favourite franchises are, it might be hard to pick just one. However, hopefully this list has given you some inspiration as to what you might like to buy. Whether you’re finding something for yourself, or you want to buy a gift for a loved one, these great calendars are sure to catch your eye!

Also, if you think there’s a product I’ve missed, then please let me know! You can tweet your suggestions to me on Twitter, or you can join our Facebook community to chat with other fans.

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