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If you’re looking for a new show to watch, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Screen Hype, we’re making our way through the Netflix catalogue, in the hunt for some excellent new titles. Last time we covered the letter C, so now we’re looking for the best Netflix show beginning with D. Now, I’m going by the UK list, so it might be that other countries have some titles that aren’t available for me to check out, but I’m pretty sure most of the titles I’ll mention in this article are available internationally.

The Contenders – Best Netflix Show Beginning with D

So, I’ll admit that I haven’t watched a lot of the offerings for D, so I could be being a little harsh, but quite a few of the titles seem a little, well, lame. I haven’t even heard of most of them, and several had pretty low reviews. However, if you look carefully enough, there are some gems in there.

Firstly, if you’re looking for something to watch with kids, but that you can also enjoy, then you’re covered. They’ve got the entire classic collection of Danger Mouse, for a start. I don’t know about you, but I loved that show as a kid, and would be happy to rewatch it. Netflix also has 6 different shows based in the How to Train Your Dragon series. Just search for Dragons, and pick whichever series piques your interest.

Best Netflix Show Beginning With D, Danger Mouse
Why yes, I am now loudly singing the Danger Mouse theme tune.

If you liked Futurama, you’ll love Disenchantment. This animated show for adults received rave reviews, and is supposed to be really funny. Another comedy offering is Dead to Me, which is as poignant as it is hilarious. If you like funny shows with well-developed characters and a moving plot, then that’s one to check out.

 If you enjoy psychological entertainment, then the Derren Brown titles are a must. He has 3 specials that are available, and personally I’d recommend The Push. His shows are always so unique, and it’s a thrill ride from start to finish. I’ll be honest, I’ve become more cynical about the legitimacy of his stunts, however they’re still fun to watch if you suspend your disbelief.

Derren Brown The Sacrifice
I’ve always loved Derren Brown’s unique brand of entertainment.

Finally, if you enjoy true crime documentaries, then I’d strongly recommend Don’t F**k with Cats. It’s truly gripping, and you really feel the intensity of it. Just be aware that it’s quite graphic. However, the best Netflix show beginning with D is…

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

This will be one of the weirdest shows you ever watch. No question. I can also almost guarantee you that none of your friends will have seen it, so you won’t be able to discuss it with them. You’ll try to tell them to watch it, but the problem is that naturally they’ll ask what it’s about. And, well, it’s one of those shows that’s pretty much impossible to explain. However, despite that, I’m going to try and convince you.

Firstly, Dirk Gently is one of the most enigmatic characters to ever grace your screen. Samuel Barnett does a phenomenal job of playing him, and you’ll be captivated by his every word. Of which there are many, as Dirk is a bit of a chatterbox. The show also stars Elijah Wood as Dirk’s reluctant companion. I love the dynamic between the two of them, and it’s truly hilarious to watch.

I would try and explain the plot, but honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So instead, I’ll throw some themes at you. Deception. Intrigue. Supernatural powers. Other worlds. Conspiracy. Are you hooked yet? If not, then you should be, because Dirk Gently is a whirlwind of adventure. The plot slowly builds as the episodes go on, and you start to piece together more of the puzzle. You’ll be so confused at first, but then eventually it’ll all start making sense. Trust me, when it all falls into place, the pay-off is more than worth it.

Best Netflix Show Beginning With D, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
I really need to rewatch this show, it’s just so much fun.

It’s a travesty that Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency only got 2 seasons. It was a brilliant show, and I feel there were so many stories that could have been told in that universe. However, the show still came to a satisfying conclusion, and the episodes that we did get were amazing.


There are definitely some great titles available once you shift through all the filler, and now you have some fun suggestions for shows to start watching. I try to include a range of genres, as that way there’s something for everyone. So, what do you think of my choice for the best Netflix show beginning with D? Do you think I missed anything out? Join the discussion in our Facebook community!

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