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Best of Netflix I Cover

Whilst the Netflix library has so many amazing titles, there aren’t actually that many for this letter. Nevertheless, I have waded through the shows, and found the best Netflix show beginning with I. I tried to include a few different genres, but honestly there are quite a few mediocre to pretty good titles, and I only want to include great ones. There’s no point me recommending something that’s only okay. So, with that in mind, here are the shows that I’ve chosen for this article!

The Contenders

When I first discovered I Am Not Okay With This, I thought it was going to be some fluffy teen drama. The description makes it sound so quaint, but this show was so much darker than I expected. The protagonist, Syd, is kind of a terrible person, but in a way that makes her feel real. She’s flawed, and angry, and doesn’t do the right thing like most protagonists do. But she can also be sweet, and funny, and deep. She feels like a believable character. There’re supernatural elements to it, and LGBTQ+ representation, and all in all, it’s a pretty cool show. Unfortunately it only got 1 season, but I’m holding out hope that it’ll eventually get another one.

I Am Not Okay With This, Syd and Stanley.
Stanley is such a sweetheart, he was definitely my favourite part of the show.

If you’re after great comedy with some edge to it, then It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could be your thing. Similarly to I Am Not Okay With This, the main characters are awful. In fact, unlike Syd, they have pretty much no redeeming qualities. That’s what makes the show so funny, though. You watch them get into scrapes, and instead of caring about what happens to them, you just laugh at all the trouble they end up in. Their lives are a mess, and the show is super chaotic. If you prefer more light-hearted comedy then go for something else. But if you enjoy dark humour, and flawed characters, then IASiP is the way to go.

Of course, some of you may prefer comedy that doesn’t come from a script. I’ve got you covered there, too. Impractical Jokers is great if you like humour based in reality. Three guys constantly pushing either into humiliating each other in public, or playing pranks, or coming up with increasingly hilarious shenanigans. It’s easy watching, and doesn’t have a plot that you need to follow. It’s perfect if you want to just stick on a background show.


However, when it came to choosing the best Netflix show beginning with I, there could only be one winner. iZombie is a cop show like you’ve never seen before. Because, first and foremost, it’s about zombies. But not the mindless, flesh-eating zombies you know from the movies. Instead, iZombie took a fresh and unique approach. In this show, zombies can function entirely like normal human beings, as long as they regularly consume brains.

As you can imagine, in a situation like this, brains are a hot commodity. It’s not like you can just walk into the shop and buy a human brain. And so, there’s a black market for them, which forms the basis for the first season. The plot grows and develops as the show progresses, and without giving away spoilers, there are some truly epic story arcs.

Best Netflix show beginning with I, iZombie.
I once got to hear Rose McIver (Liv) speak at a convention, and she was wonderful.

Liv Moore (there are quite a few punny names in the show) is the protagonist, and the nicest zombie you could ever hope to meet. She works in the morgue at the police station, and consumes the brains of cadavers. However, she discovers that when she eats a brain, she takes on the personality of its owner. Not only that, but she can see their memories, and so she uses these powers to solve their murders. It’s an intriguing concept, and works very well.

The entire show is a perfect balance of humour and drama. The characters are 3-dimensional and fun to watch, the writing is brilliant, and the acting is superb. The show’s 5 season run was the perfect length, and was satisfying from start to finish. I’ve introduced several friends to this show, and they’ve all loved it. I’m sure you’ll love it too!


Although the library is quite limited for this letter, I still feel strongly that iZombie is not just the best Netflix show beginning with I, but one of the better shows on the streaming service as a whole. It’s quirky and clever, and easy to watch. The other titles I mentioned are also well worth checking out.

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