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Ah, Xbox Game Pass, the gift that keeps on giving. With a phenomenally huge games library to choose from, it can be tough to settle on a title to play. In this series, we aim to help make that choice easier by highlighting some of the best games available. When it comes to the letter C, there aren’t as many well-known titles to choose from. However, there are some great indie games in there. So, without any further ado, let’s find the best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with C!

The Contenders

Cities: Skylines is one of the larger titles available, and one of the few non-indies that I want to draw attention to. If you’re into creating your own empire, then this could be your kind of game. However, it can take quite a while to get to grips with the controls. It has huge potential, and many building options, and so is a very decent game that’s worth checking out.

Crackdown 3 is also there, as it’s published by Microsoft Studios, and all Xbox-owned games are available for Game Pass. Crackdown 3 received a lot of hype prior to release, but didn’t live up to the expectations. It’s fun enough, but many gamers felt let down by the gameplay. Still, the opening cutscene is undeniably awesome, gotta love Terry Crews.

Control, ClusterTruck, and Costume Quest 2 are all wonderful indie games worth checking out. They each have their own unique style of gameplay, and may well appeal to many gamers. However, they don’t quite have what it takes to be crowned the best game for C.

Celeste very nearly took that crown. Celeste is a 2d platformer that gained infamy within the gaming community for being exceedingly difficult. It challenges your platforming skills, whilst also presenting a captivating and beautiful world to explore. But incredible as it is, Celeste unfortunately falls into second place. The best game on Game Pass beginning with C is… Carto.


Carto is a delightful puzzle-adventure game with possibly the cutest game art you’ve ever seen. You play as a young girl who’s searching for her grandma, and you’ll stop at nothing to find her. You’ll journey through exciting and varied regions on your quest to gain clues as to her whereabouts. And while doing so, you’ll use your very special and unique ability.

You and your grandma travelled the skies in an airship, and whilst aboard, she taught you all about maps. You learned how to interact with map pieces to manipulate their orientation and location. By using this skill, you can literally change the world around you.

Carto gameplay stood by a tree
Is this not the cutest art style you’ve ever seen?

The gameplay is simple but effective. You land in an area, and you have a set amount of map pieces at your disposal. You also meet characters who will give you clues as to where things are. By moving the map pieces around, you can create new pieces (for example, putting 4 water pieces together to create a lake). You can also find items on the ground that are useful for later puzzles. Most items are used in the area they’re found in, but some remain in your inventory until later in the game.

The interactions with other characters and animals are cute, and the puzzles are challenging enough that they provide fun and excitement, without being too difficult that you end up rage quitting. Each new area has a unique theme (such as desert, ice, volcanic), and the accompanying graphics are lovely. Completing the puzzles also rewards you with new map pieces, and makes it feel like real progress.

Carto gameplay sheep, best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with C.
You get to solve adorable puzzles such as helping to find these lost sheep.


Carto is a joyous game, with a heart-warming story, and relaxing and enjoyable gameplay. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of puzzle-adventure games, and will be unlike any other game you’ve played.

How about you, what do you think is the best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with C? Have you tried out Carto yourself? Join our Facebook community and let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to check out our selection for B!

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