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Drake Hollow Xbox Game Pass

Slowly but surely, we’re making our way through our Game Pass A-Z, and today we’re looking at D! There are a staggering 42 games in the Xbox Game Pass library that begin with D, and that’s not including separate entries for console or PC. As such, deciding on the best game is possibly the toughest decision yet, and there are some fierce contenders. Read on to discover the best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with D!

Best Xbox Game Pass Game Beginning With D – The Contenders

There are some fantastic titles available for D, so let’s discuss some of the better ones. Since Xbox acquired Bethesda, a multitude of games from their library have become available on Game Pass. There are 5 different games from the Doom series, which is very popular amongst gamers. Fight demons using your awesome combat skills, and try to save everyone from literal hell on Earth! An exciting series for sure, Doom is well worth checking out, especially if you’ve never played it before.

Doom Eternal
Prepare for some intense action!

Another Bethesda entry on this list is Dishonored. Both the first game (the definitive edition) and the sequel are available. Dishonored’s unique gameplay style captivated gamers when it was first released, and is still super popular today. You can sneak around avoiding detection, or you can go in loud and murder all of your enemies. With a large array of side quests, your experience is yours to command, and you can replay the game several times to make different decisions.

If you enjoy RPGs, there are several Dragon Age games for you to choose from. Become the hero of a fantasy world, and destroy the terrifying creatures that plague your land. These games are bloody and violent, and so they don’t appeal to everyone. Alternatively, if you prefer FPS games, then Destiny 2 could be more your speed.

Dragon Age Inquisition
You can’t go wrong with this popular rpg.

Other strong titles beginning with D are: Dead Cells, Dead Space, Dungeon Keeper (PC only), Disneyland Adventures, and Don’t Starve: Giant Edition. Donut County is also a hidden gem if you’re looking to increase your Gamerscore. The whole game can be completed in under 2 hours, and it’s a pleasant, relaxing experience. However, for the purpose of this article there can only be one winner, and that honour goes to Drake Hollow.

Drake Hollow

Words can barely express how incredible this game is. Designed by indie team The Molasses Flood, Drake Hollow is an ingenious amalgamation of genres. Part action-adventure, part village management, part survival game, Drake Hollow has everything. Play as a teenager who’s transported from the real world into a mysterious land called The Hollow. It’s up to you to rescue this land from the dark forces that are destroying it, and to restore magic to the adorable drakes.

Best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with D, Drake
Look at that cute face!

Drakes are cute creatures that you find throughout the world, and bring back to your camp. They provide you with boosts, and levelling them up can unlock upgrades for your camp. However, you also have a responsibility to look after them, and you’ll need to provide them with plenty of food, water, and entertainment, or they’ll die! Don’t forget to build beds for them either, because they’ll leave camp to go and hibernate if they can’t sleep.

Traverse the dangerous aether using curios that you craft at your camp or on the go, and discover new islands. Throughout your adventures, you’ll find new weapons, crafting materials, schematics, and customisation items. But beware, the world is overrun with evil creatures who will attack you at every turn. Use powers bestowed upon you by the drakes to thwart the evil forces, and restore order to the world.

Best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with D, Drake Hollow
Build your camp to make it bigger and better.

The more you play, the more you learn about The Hollow, and you can even find lore notes that explain the history. You’ll have to build a strong camp to defend against the raids that will be sent against you from time to time. You also have to complete quests, and find new drakes which are scattered throughout the world. Drake Hollow is beautifully made, and will entrance you from the get go.


Overall, D was a tricky letter to decide on, but ultimately Drake Hollow deserved its top spot. Depending on your genre preferences you may like to check out some of the other titles that were mentioned too. What did you think of our choice for the best Xbox Game Pass game beginning with D? Also, why not take a look at game suggestions for the letter C? Whilst you’re here, check out our giveaway for a copy of Summer in Mara!

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