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Best Once Upon a Time Merch Guide Cover

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Once Upon a Time was truly a once-in-a-generation show. No other show has been able to capture that sense of sheer wonder and magic. It was such a brilliantly clever and unique concept, so it’s no wonder that the show has such a dedicated fanbase. Perhaps you’re one of those fans? If you feel like proving yourself, you can try this Ultimate Once Upon a Time quiz. Otherwise, I’ve put together the best Once Upon a Time merch guide to help you find some great items to showcase your love of the series. Whether you’re treating yourself, or gifting a loved one, you can’t go wrong with these great items! Also, none of these are affiliate links, so there’s no bias, I’m simply sharing the merch that I personally think is the best.

Official Merch

I like to recommend official merch first, because that way you’re supporting the creators of the content you love. When it comes to Once Upon a Time, you’re truly spoiled for choice, as there’s a huge catalogue of official items. To save you time scrolling through absolutely everything on their site, I’ve selected some of the best items that they offer.


Who doesn’t want to rock out with some wearable merch? You can show off your love for the series in style by getting some clothes to represent your fandom. I’ve included a great range of tops, choosing only the very best items from their official site. Personally I feel there’s always a good time for a hoodie, as they’re so soft and snuggly, so the 10th Anniversary Hoodie would be my top pick, but maybe yours will be different. Hopefully you’ll find something that you love!

Hook Short Sleeved T-shirt – If you love Hook (I know I do), then you can’t go wrong with this one

Ugly Christmas Sweater – This delightful seasonal sweater is anything but ugly. Show off your Oncer pride!

10th Anniversary Hoodie – I love this one, and what a great way to celebrate such a special milestone.

Magic Always Comes With a Price Hoodie – An iconic hoodie for an iconic line.

Best Once Upon a Time Merch, Magic Always Comes With a Price

Mr Gold’s Pawnbroker T-shirt – This one has a simple yet elegant gold design which I think looks great.

Swan and Hook Short Sleeved T-shirt – The quotes inside the silhouettes really set this item apart.

Granny’s Diner Short Sleeved T-shirt – Show your love for Storybrooke’s favourite eating establishment!

Towels, Blankets, and Posters

I know it seems like a weird grouping for a category, but honestly there’s quite a miscellany of items, so I think these go together as well as anything. They’re all… Flat? Okay, so I’m forcing it a little, but the point is, there are some really fun merch items here, so let’s get into it!

Hook Beach Towel – There are quite a lot of Hook items on the site, clearly ABC knows what the fans want.

Snow White Wanted Poster – A fun merch piece dedicated to Snow’s time as an outlaw of the kingdom.

Hook Sherpa Blanket – You Hook fans really are spoiled for choice! This blanket looks particularly soft and snuggly.

Cast Beach Towel – This great towel features the faces of nearly all the main cast members.

Snow White Wanted Sherpa Blanket – The same fun design as the poster, but this time on a lovely blanket!

Snow White Wanted Blanket


Let’s face it, we all have about a hundred mugs, and yet we still can’t get enough. Everyone fancies a hot drink every now and again, which makes mugs the perfect go-to gift. And you know who else deserves a gift? You! Treat yourself to one of these great offerings from the official Once Upon a Time store. I’ve narrowed it down to the ones that I feel are the very best in the collection.

Festive Two-tone Mug – Get into the holiday spirit with this fun and festive pattern.

10th Anniversary Mug – Always remember this special milestone by having a mug to commemorate the occasion.

Magic Always Comes With a Price Mug – I love this quote, and it definitely works as a mug.

Mr Gold’s Pawnbroker Mug – The elegant gold colour looks great, and the design is so professional.

Best Once Upon a Time Merch, Mr Gold Pawnbroker Mug

Other Merch Items

Don’t fancy clothes, blanket, or mugs? Not a problem, there are some awesome other items available to buy. They’ve got phone cases, ornaments, and even standees with the different characters on! I’ve chosen a couple of my favourite standees to include in the list, but if you’re after a different character, then feel free to browse the website.

The Evil Queen Standee – Have you always wanted to have Her Majesty in your room? Well, now you can!

Rumplestiltskin Standee – Rrrrrumplestilstkin, at your service. Enjoy, dearie!

Double-sided Hook Christmas Ornament – Once-ify your tree with this fancy disc-shaped ornament.

Christmas Stocking – Hang your presents in style with this festive stocking.

Festive Once Upon a Time Christmas Stocking.

Icon Pattern Phone Case – This stunning phone case has a whole bunch of symbols related to the show.

Magic Always Comes With a Price Phone Case – I know I’ve shared this quote 3 times, but I love it, okay.

Fan-Made Merch

Couldn’t find quite what you’re looking for from the official store? Not to worry, because now we delve into the vast world of fan merch. Now, as you can imagine, there’s no base standard for quality, so I’ve had to scroll through quite a lot of mediocrity to find the truly great items. Not stuff that’s clearly pandering to people frantically looking to buy a gift, but merch that would actually appeal to a Once Upon a Time fan. I’ve broken it down into categories, so have a look, and see if any of it is to your taste.


Weren’t a fan of the official apparel? That’s okay, because I’ve sourced some great items from independent sellers online. There’s a great mix of t-shirts, and hoodies, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Keep the Prince, I’ll Take the Pirate T-shirt – For all you Hook fans out there, this one’s for you.

Storybook Lettering Hoodie – This cosy-looking hoodie uses the same font as Henry’s storybook.

Straight Outta Storybrooke T-shirt – It may be a bit of an old trend, but I still think these shirts look cool.

Logo T-shirt – It’s simple but effective, and is a great way to show your love for the series.

Best Once Upon a Time Merch, Logo T-shirt.

Minimalist Character T-shirt – I love the unique art style on this one, definitely one of my favourites.

Minimalist Emma T-shirt – It’s amazing that they’ve been able to capture the essence of Emma with so few features.

Storybrooke University Hoodie – This is a really clever design idea, it looks so professional.

Evil Queen Hoodie – Regina has no shortage of fans, so I’m sure this would appeal to lots of people.

Stickers and Stationery

If there’s one thing I love when it comes to merch, it’s stickers. I use a journal, and so being able to decorate it is one of the most fun parts of the hobby. Plus the great thing about stickers is that you can put them pretty much anywhere, and show off your fandom. I’ve also found some great notebook designs, and even some washi tape. So take a look, and see what piques your interest.

Words Washi Tape – I’m not certain that this was made for the series, but it says ‘Once Upon a Time’, and it’s pretty.

Storybook Hardcover Journal – This fantastic journal is designed to look just like Henry’s storybook!

Colourful Symbol Notebook – This whimsical notebook design features lots of recognisable icons from the show.

Revenge is Gonna Be Mine Notebook – Own a fun tribute to the musical episode with this great notebook.

Best Once Upon a Time Merch, Revenge is Gonna Be Mine Notebook.

Minimalist Cast Sticker – This large vinyl sticker features the main characters, and sticks to pretty much anything.

Vinyl Sticker Pack – This item comes with 10 stickers featuring high quality stills of the characters.

Mary Margaret Quote Sticker – “Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing”

Captain Swan Vinyl Sticker – This is my favourite ship, so I had to include this adorable sticker of them.


If you weren’t overly keen on the official designs, there are plenty of fan-made mug designs to choose from. There were some that didn’t look so great; personally I hate when the mug is all white with a poorly designed screenshot stuck on it. However, others have clearly had a lot of effort put into them, and they’re the ones I’ve included here.

Storybook Mug – I really love the unique shape of this one, it makes it look less mass-produced.

Regina Mills Mug – This is an amalgamation of the many styles that Regina rocks throughout the seasons.

Got Hook? Mug – This fun parody of the ‘got milk?’ logo comes in an elegant black and white colour scheme.

BRB Destroying Happiness Travel Mug – This chibi Evil Queen certainly looks like she means business.

BRB Destroying Happiness Travel Mug, Evil Queen.

Prints and Posters

If you’re looking for merch that won’t take up too much room, prints are a great way to go. And if you have more space, why not go big with a poster? You can stick them on your wall as a constant reminder of your favourite show. They also make for wonderful gifts, as they’re items we don’t often think about purchasing for ourselves. The artwork that goes into them is awesome to see, and they’re often among the most creative merch items.

Commemorative Poster – There’s been some great photo editing with this one, and the piece is truly magical.

Colin O’Donoghue Art Print – This stunning print of Colin (Hook) has been hand-drawn by a talented artist.

Storybook Art Board Print – This would look amazing propped up on a shelf.

Family Art Print – This cute print might not have the most refined art style, but I find it charming and sweet.

Character Caricatures Print – A really uniquely stylised print of several characters as colourful caricatures.

Best Once Upon a Time Merch, Character Caricatures Print.

Other Fan-made Merch

Whilst the above items were easy to group into categories, there are also plenty of miscellaneous items, as I’m sure you can imagine. However, I’ve carefully scoured sites like Etsy and RedBubble to find what I consider to be the best Once Upon a Time merch.

Storybook Pillow Case – If you’ve got an old pillow around that could do with refurbishing, why not adorn it with this?

Storybook Phone Case – This conveniently comes available in several different models.

Storybook Replica Book – Now this is an impressive piece of merch, arguably the best item on this entire list.

Replica Dagger – This realistic merch item can even be customised to a different name of your choosing.

Replica Dark One Dagger.

Chibi Character Socks – These are really cute, and would make a great gift for a fan.

Quotes Throw Blanket – Get extra warm and snuggly with this cosy blanket.

Captain Swan Icons Backpack – This colourful backpack features symbols related to Emma and Hook.

Magic is Coming Wall Clock – Made atop a vintage vinyl record, this unique piece would really stand out.


I’ll tell you what, it was not easy to create this best Once Upon a Time merch guide. Turns out, when you search ‘Once Upon a Time’, you get a lot of unrelated fairy-tale items. There are also a shocking number of misspelled or misquoted items, which makes me sad to see as a fan as the creator clearly hasn’t put much love into the item, and is just looking to make quick cash. Not to mention all the blatant art thieves. Luckily for you, I’ve done the hard work of scrolling through the muddle, to pick out the very best items. So whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, hopefully this list will help you find the perfect piece of merch!

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