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Cassette Beasts new beasts Cover

I was thrilled when I heard that Cassette Beasts new beasts were coming. The game was launched a couple of months ago, and as it was available on Xbox Game Pass, I decided to try it. I wasn’t prepared for how much I was going to enjoy it. Since its release, it’s pretty much taken over my life! I’ve been a huge fan of Pokémon for decades, and I can honestly say that Cassette Beasts brings me the same joy.

You collect cassette tapes which contain the essence of various beasts. You then transform into them during battle, and use a variety of moves to win. There were already 120 released at launch, but recently, Bytten created a new update. The 1.2 Catacombs update came with 8 brand new beasts as well as a new area, and this guide will cover everything you need to know. There were also some patches to fix issues with things like achievements, yay! Unfortunately, however, you can no longer exploit the game to catch a Nowhere Peasant. Anyway, time to cover the new content!

New Area

The Catacombs 1.2 update introduces a brand new area into the game. Walk around Harbourtown, looking for the ‘?’ symbol above the heads of any of the NPCs. Once you find one, talk to them, and hopefully it’ll be related to the update (if not, just keep trying until it is). They’ll mention an underground mine, and it’ll be highlighted on your map.

Cassette Beasts new beasts, underground mine
This is the symbol you’re looking for.

Fast travel to Aldgrave Tomb Station, and head outside. The entrance to the mine can be found on the map square that’s diagonally to the top left of the station. Its official area location is Marshland Caves. Head inside, and drop down the large hole. Don’t worry, you can escape at any time by flicking the lever next to the crack on the ground, which will create a whirlwind.

Progress through the mine by following the path and pressing the buttons you come across. It’s all very self-explanatory so I won’t give a detailed guide here. Once you get to the upper level (you’ll glide past a waterfall), look for a cache to the right of the area. This cache contains the sticker ‘Magic Tome’.

Once you’ve opened the cache, double back until you see a cave entrance. Head inside, and you’ll briefly see a beast before it runs away. Don’t worry, this is part of the story, and you’ll find it again later. Once the beast runs away, this side quest is complete.

Gem-laden cave.
I really love the large gems in this cave.

New Beasts

You’re most likely here to find out about the Cassette Beasts new beasts. There are 8 new ones introduced as part of the Cassette Beasts 1.2 Catacombs update. 3 of these are new remasters of old beasts. The rest are new beasts and remasters. Here they all are, in Bestiary order:

New Remasters

  • #121 Pinbolt – This is a new remaster for Boltam. Find one in Eastham Woods, then level it up to 5 stars. When you remaster it, choose the path of ‘Incredible Speed’.
Cassette Beasts new beasts, Pinbolt
Something about this design makes me want to give it a hug!
  • #122 Diveberg – Capture a Diveal from Thirstaton Lake, The Marshes, or Mire Sea. You need to remaster it whilst it has the sticker ‘Ice Coating’. I captured one that automatically had it, but if yours doesn’t, check the Support Sticker Stand in Harbourtown.
Diveberg remaster
Poor thing looks a bit like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • #123 Adeptile – At the entrance of the new underground mine, you find a book that mentions a Magic Tome and a ‘reptilian student of the arcane arts’. I put 2 and 2 together and realised I needed to remaster a Salamagus that I’d applied the Magic Tome sticker to.
Cassette Beasts new beasts, Adeptile
I’m really glad they added a new Salamagus remaster, and look at those awesome defence stats!

Brand New Beasts

  • #124 Trapwurm – Found in either the Marshlands or Marshland Caves, this sneaky beast is a new Earth-type. It attacks you unseen from below, so it’ll most likely find you before you find it. It’s often a partner to Ferriclaw.
1.2 Catacombs Update, Trapwurm
I wouldn’t want to encounter one of these in real life.
  • #125 Wyrmaw – The remastered version of Trapwurm. There’s only one remaster path with this beast, so once you get your Trapwurm tape to 5 stars, it’ll automatically turn into Wyrmaw after you rest and select the tape on the remastery screen.
Cassette Beasts new beasts, Wyrmaw
This thing looks much less scary than its previous form.
  • #126 Ferriclaw – I do like Steel-types, and Ferriclaw has a cool design. Its colour palette is nearly identical to Terracooka. It can be found in the Marshland Caves. It also comes with a cool new move called Tripwire.
Ferriclaw battle, 1.2 Catacombs update
I happened to capture the screenshot as Eugene was mid-transformation… Oops.
  • #127 Auriclaw – The remastered version of Ferriclaw. I encountered one naturally whilst exploring the underground mine. I think that’s something that happens as part of the story, as I received a Fused Material after I beat it. Its gorgeous gold colour looks beautiful.
Cassette Beasts new beasts, Auriclaw
So visually stunning.
  • #128 Picksie – This is the beast that intially runs away when you encounter it in the underground mine. To find it again, pay attention to rumours in Harbourtown. You’re looking out for someone to mention a ‘Skittish Goblin’. Once it’s been mentioned, seek it out on the map. I used my Bulletino Dash to sneak up on it, but I don’t know if you have to do it that way, or whether you can just walk up to it.
Skittish Goblin, Picksie
This was such a fun concept for a beast.

New Mailbox Code

You can currently receive a Lightning-type bootleg of a Puppercut using the code ‘SUMMERTIME’. Bytten Studio have announced that it’s limited time, but haven’t given a specific end date, so it’s better to enter it sooner rather than later.

To claim it, go to the mailbox in your house or in the Gramophone Cafe, and select the option to enter a code. Enter ‘SUMMERTIME’, all caps, no spaces. You’ll then be rewarded with the tape for your Puppercut bootleg.


This new Cassette Beasts 1.2 Catacombs update was a welcome addition to an already brilliant game. I was surprised to see new content so soon after launch, and it’s clear the developers are passionate about making this game the best it can be. They’re now hard at work on a new update which will introduce multiplayer elements!

Hopefully this guide to the Cassette Beasts new beasts has proven useful! Have you played Cassette Beasts? Join the discussion over in our Facebook community or tweet me on Twitter!

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