Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Faraday Protocol Giveaway

Another new month, and you know what that means! In fact, it’s the last month of 2021, so this will be the last monthly giveaway of the year! As such, I’ve chosen a great game, Faraday Protocol. I played this last week and loved it, and so I wanted to give some of you the chance to play. I’m even giving you a choice of platform – Steam or Nintendo Switch (NA). The winner will be able to choose whichever platform they prefer! So, read on to the end to see how to enter the Faraday Protocol giveaway.

For any of you who missed my review, allow me to summarise. Faraday Protocol is a puzzle game reminiscent of Portal. You navigate your way through levels using the Bia-Tool, a special gun which allows you to transfer energy between objects. The puzzles get progressively harder as you move through the levels, and the game offers plenty of challenge. There are also collectibles for you to look for as an added task. Using a combination of brains and platforming, you make your way through a series of tests, discovering more about the mysterious land that your character has arrived on.

It’s a great game with a compelling story, rich gameplay mechanics, and simple but beautiful artwork. It’s amazing that it’s the debut game from Red Koi Box, and I’d be interested to see what they come up with next.

The Giveaway

So! To be in with a chance of winning, you simply need to follow these simple steps.

1. Head over to our Twitter account, and check out the below tweet. You’ll need to like and retweet it, as well as making sure you’re following the account.

2. Tag a friend in the comments of the above tweet, you’ll get an extra entry if they choose to follow us.

3. Join our community on Facebook, and comment on the giveaway post (it’s an announcement so will be at the top of the page). As well as gaining an entry for the Faraday Protocol giveaway, you’ll have the opportunity to enter other exclusive giveaways that are only available in our Facebook group.

4. Invite a friend to our Facebook group, and have them comment on the giveaway post, saying that you invited them. You can earn up to 5 entries using this method.

You have until 23:59 on 31/12/21 to enter… Good luck!

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