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Dordogne map puzzle guide Cover

Dordogne is a beautiful new indie game from Focus Entertainment. Available on Xbox Game Pass, it transports you to the French countryside with gorgeous watercolour graphics and a heart-warming story. The majority of the game unfolds with little input from the player, but there are a few instances where you’ll need to use your brain. I’ve created this Dordogne map puzzle guide for one such occasion.

In chapter 4, you’ll fix the kayak, and will go to a beach with Nora. Whilst she rests on the sand, you head off exploring, and when doing so, you come across a mysterious boy named Renaud. He claims to have knowledge of a secret treasure, guarded by the Coulobre. However, before he gives you further details, he wants to be sure he can trust you.

To prove that you’re a worthy adventurer, you’ll need to solve his puzzle to find his secret lair. He gives you a bag filled with a map, some stickers, and some instructions. When you get back to your house at the end of the day, you open the bag, and attempt to solve the puzzle. Here’s how you find the location of Renaud’s secret lair!

Applying the Stickers

You will need to properly place a total of 7 stickers on the makeshift map that Renaud gives you. It can be a little confusing at first, as you may be worried about remembering all the locations you’ve visited. Thankfully, you don’t need any navigational or memory skills for this task. Instead, you need to look carefully at the stickers.

They each have perforations cut into them, and these match up with the gaps shown on the map. Therefore, you can use the holes as an indication of where each piece goes. Here are all the correct sticker placements:

  • Renaud’s head – (Yellow sticker). This goes in the top right of the map.
  • Fruit stall – (Orange sticker). You need to put this one below Renaud’s house, in the middle right of the map.
  • Pebbles – (Pink sticker). These go at the bottom right of the map.
  • Boat – (Pink sticker). Put this one in the bottom left of the map, by the bridge with 3 arches.
  • Nora – (Blue sticker). I’m pretty sure that’s who this is a picture of, it certainly looks like Nora. Anyway, put this one in the middle left of the map, by the red house.
  • Hot air balloon – (Pink sticker). Put this one in the top left of the map.
  • Flag – (Blue sticker). Finally, take the flag sticker and place it above the castle, just to the right of the hot air balloon sticker.
Dordogne map puzzle guide, applying the stickers to the map

Solving the Riddles.

Once all the stickers are in place, you then need to use Renaud’s clues to figure out the location of his secret lair. He’s left you two riddles, and each one will connect two stickers to each other. Once you’ve solved both riddles, you’ll find his lair where the two lines cross. Here are the solutions to the riddles.

The first clue is “Stones can’t fly”. This one is pretty simple, you need to first click on the sticker with the pebbles, and then click on the sticker with the hot air balloon. This will draw a red line between the two of them.

The next clue is “Across the bridge, you’ll find my house”. This one is a little trickier, as there’s not a sticker for either a bridge or a house. However, the boat sticker is right next to a bridge. And we can safely assume that the picture of Renaud is representing where he lives. So, click on the boat sticker, and then click on the picture of Renaud. Once again, a red line will be drawn between them.

Finally, you’ll need to click on the part in the middle where the two lines intercept. Mimi will draw a red circle around it, declaring “I’ve found it! The thief’s lair!”. After that, the puzzle will close, and you’ll be able to move on with the story.


I hope this Dordogne map puzzle guide has proven useful, and you’ve been able to find the thief’s lair. Renaud is a fun character in the game, and it’s really cool getting to visit his secret lair in the next chapter. A treasure hunt was the perfect addition to this game, and solving this puzzle is a key component of that.

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