Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Exploring Game Pass Podcast

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Currently on hiatus whilst I search for a co-host, but will hopefully be returning in the future.

If you’re an Xbox fan, then this is the podcast for you! Get the most out of your Game Pass subscription with the Exploring Game Pass podcast! Released on the 8th and 22nd of every month, each episode takes a look at a different game or genre, and will help you to discover some amazing titles as well as some hidden gems.

The episodes also feature the games that are coming to and leaving the service. That way you can make sure to play any of your favourite titles before they leave, as well as be aware of what’s on the horizon. Games are usually on Game Pass for at least a year, so even if you listen to an episode late, it’ll hopefully still be available for you to play.

You can join our Facebook community, and you should also check out the Screen Hype Twitter account. All the episodes are available on the Screen Hype Youtube channel, alongside loads of other great videos.

Exploring Game Pass is available for download on all your favourite podcast platforms (episodes expire after 90 days, in which case they can found on the Youtube channel). Follow the links below to download each episode on the platform of your choice. Alternatively, you can follow this link to find all the episodes in one place. If you enjoy the podcast, remember to subscribe to see new episodes, and please do consider leaving it a 5 star review if you listen on Apple podcasts.


  • Episode #6 – Exploring Slay the SpireOne of my absolute favourites, Slay the Spire is sure to pique your interest. This roguelite deck-builder uses cards for turn based combat, and is really thrilling to play. We also look at all the games coming and leaving by the end of December 2022, as well as the easiest achievements to get the Microsoft Rewards Top 10.
  • Episode #5 – Exploring Easy Achievements If you’re looking for games that offer you a quick 1000 Gamerscore, then this episode is perfect for you. I choose the top games that get you easy achievements as well as being fun. We also look at all the games coming and leaving by the end of November 2022.
  • Episode #4 – Exploring A Plague Tale: RequiemThe sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, Requiem expands on the already impressive story, as well as introduces some fascinating new gameplay mechanics. Plus, find out the games coming to and leaving Game Pass by November 15th 2022, as well as how to get an easy 500 points in the November 2022 Microsoft Rewards Top 10.
  • Episode #3: Exploring Bugsnax One of my favourite games on the entire service, this episode looks at the delightful indie adventure that is Bugsnax. We also look at the games coming and leaving the second half of October 2022.
  • Episode #2: Exploring Disney Dreamlight ValleyIn this episode, we take a look at Disney’s magical new adventure life sim game Dreamlight Valley, as well as the games coming to and leaving Game Pass in the first half of October 2022.
  • Episode #1: Exploring PowerWash SimulatorThis episode is all about the viral sensation that is PowerWash Simulator, as well as the games coming to and leaving Game Pass in the second half of September 2022.