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Free Outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus Cover Photo

So, the long awaited Pokémon Legends Arceus has finally released! This open world adventure is getting rave reviews, and fans seem to be really enjoying it. One of the many cool features of this game is character customisation. You can choose your appearance at the beginning, and there are four skin colours to choose from for both male and female presenting characters. You can’t change your hair at the very beginning, but once you’ve been accepted as a resident of Jubilife Village, you are able to visit the Hairdresser, and choose from a number of styles. My favourite customisation though? Outfits. When you complete the quest to join the Galaxy Expedition Team, you’ll earn a Survey Corps outfit. However, this is not the only outfit you have access to. There are a number of free outfits in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Choosing your character's appearance.
You’ll be able to change the hairstyles later in the game.

Once you’ve completed the first main quest, Anthe will meet you outside of Galaxy Hall. She’s the local clothier, and she’ll give you the Everyday Outfit. This consists of an Everyday Kimono and Everyday Trousers. She’ll also invite you to visit her shop, and this is where you’ll need to go for your free outfits. There are a number of free outfits you can claim, and I’ll explain how to get each of them. Please note, that each outfit involves a separate conversation, and you’ll need to speak to Anthe once for each outfit. You can’t get them all in one go.

Free outfits Pokemon legends Arceus, everyday outfit, everyday kimono and everyday trousers.
These clothes are very basic, but at least they offer you more variety.

How to Find the Clothier Shop

To claim the outfits I’ll mention in this article, you’ll need to visit the Clothier Shop. Fortunately, Pokémon Legends Arceus comes with a really handy mini map. Not only can you see your own position, but you can see the main features around you. When you’re in Jubilife Village, this means the shops will all be marked on the map.

Clothier Shop, Jubilife Village
You can visit the Clothier Shop any time, even if you’re doing another quest.

You can recognise the Clothier Shop as it has an outline of a bag on the mini map. It’s directly next to the Hairdressers, which is marked by a pair of scissors. To get to the Clothier Shop, simply walk out of Galaxy Hall and turn left. The Clothier Shop will be on the opposite side of the street, not too far down. You’ll see Anthe standing outside.

This is the shop you’re looking for.

Modern Outfit (Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl)

If you’ve played Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl then there’s a free outfit for you. It’s based around Team Galactic, who are the main antagonist in those games. There are three parts to this outfit – the Modern Jacket, Modern Trousers, and Modern Shoes. These look really sleek, and I think it’s a fantastic outfit, especially for the early game. To claim these, simply speak to Anthe at the Clothier shop. She’ll tell you that special parcel has arrived for you, and then she’ll give them to you.

Free outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus, a special parcel has arrived
She’ll say this every time you speak to her until you’ve collected all your free outfits.

Shaymin Outfit (Pokémon Sword/ Shield)

If you’ve played Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield then there will be another free outfit available. This one is based around the mythical pokémon Shaymin. It’s very beautiful, and is considered ‘fancy’. There are two parts to this outfit – the Shaymin Fancy Kimono and the Shaymin Fancy Bottoms. The outfit is mostly green and white, with touches of coral red. It’s unfortunate that it does not come with a pair of shoes, but I find the regular Sandals work best with it. To claim these, simply speak to Anthe at the Clothier shop. She’ll tell you that special parcel has arrived for you, and then she’ll give them to you.

Shaymin Fancy Kimono and Shaymin Fancy Bottoms.
I really love the shade of green.

Pikachu and Eevee Masks (Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/ Eevee)

If you’ve played Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/ Eevee, then there’s one more free outfit waiting for you. However, calling it an outfit is a stretch, as it consists of just masks. There’s a Pikachu Festival Mask, and an Eevee Festival Mask. It’s worth noting that you’ll get both, regardless which version of Let’s Go you played. So even if you played Let’s Go Pikachu, you can get the Eevee mask, and vice versa. Once again, Anthe will give these to you when you speak to her.

Free Outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus, Eevee Festival Mask.
This was my favourite look – Modern shoes and trousers, Shaymin top, and Eevee mask.

Please be aware that you won’t immediately be able to wear these if you’re in your Survey Corps Outfit. It’s not the outfit that’s the issue, it’s the hairstyle. You’re given the hairstyle upon completion of the first mission, and it’s not compatible with the masks. You’ll need to visit the Hairdresser next door and pay 500 Pokédollars to change your hairstyle. You can choose from a number of options, and as long as you remove the Survey Corps one, you’ll be able to wear the masks.

Free Outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus – Mystery Gift

Good news! If you purchase and play Pokémon Legends Arceus before May 9th 2022, there’s one more outfit you can get. However, Mystery Gift isn’t immediately available, so you’ll need to play for a while, first. You unlock the ability after completing the mission where you get your first star as a researcher. Once you return to Jubilife Village and have had your celebratory meal with Rei and Laventon (this is a cutscene that happens automatically), you’ll be able to access the Mystery Gift option from your menu. First, open the menu by pressing up on the D-Pad. Then use ZR to navigate to the screen represented by the signal symbol. You will see a button for Mystery Gift, select this. You will need to connect to the internet.

Mystery Gift outfit, connect to the internet.
This is the screen you’re looking for.

After that, you will see three options – Get via Internet, Get with Code/ Password, Check Mystery Gifts. You need to select ‘Get via Internet’. As long as you are within the time period (January 28th – May 9th 2022), this outfit will be waiting for you. It will be under the name ‘Clothing Gift’, and will have a yellow exclamation mark next to it. Click on this to accept it.

Free outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus, Mystery Gift animation.
I won’t lie, I really love this animation, it’s so pretty!

You’ll then watch a short animation of a gift box being opened. Wait for that to finish, and then you’ll be rewarded with your items. The Mystery Gift outfit consists of three parts – Fancy Kimono, Fancy Bottoms, and Baneful Fox Mask. They’ll all be added to your clothing inventory, and will be accessible whenever you change clothes.

Fancy Kimono, Fancy Bottoms, Baneful Fox Mask.
These three items are really cool and unique, a great Mystery Gift!

How to Change Outfits

Once you’ve collected your free outfits, you’ll want to wear them! There are two ways of doing this. The first can be done directly at Anthe’s Clothier Shop. Talk to her again once you’ve collected all your outfits, and it’ll trigger her normal dialogue. You’ll have the option to buy clothes or to change clothes. Pick the ‘change clothes’ options, and you’ll be taken to a screen displaying all your currently owned clothing. Simply navigate through and select all the items you wish to wear. You can mix and match between different sets if you wish to. Once you’re done, simply click B to finish changing and keep your clothing choices.

Navigating through clothing customisation.
Navigate through the clothing sections by pressing R or L.

Alternatively, you can change clothes when you’re in your room. Go to the mirror that’s just next to your bed, and click A to interact with it. Just like before, you can pick any clothing options, and press B once you’re finished. Either option is perfectly viable, although I tend to just do it from the Clothier Shop for convenience.

Free outfits Pokémon Legends Arceus, changing clothes in a mirror.
This is the mirror where you can change your outfit.

Free Outfits Pokemon Legends Arceus – Conclusion

Well, there you have it! Hopefully you’ve found this guide useful, and have now been able to access your free outfits in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Remember, the game is checking for save data on your profile. If you’ve played one of the previous Pokémon games on a different profile, it won’t register that. You’d need to quickly log on to the other games and create a save with the same profile you’re using for Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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