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Funko Pop puzzle list cover

As an avid consumer of media, I do indulge in the occasional piece of merch. My absolute favourite type of collectibles is Funko Pops, and I have several adorning my bookshelf. However, recently I’ve gotten into jigsaw puzzles, and I was thrilled to discover that Funko make their own licensed products! The images feature designs using Funko Pop versions of characters and they look so fun and quirky. But when I was looking for a Funko Pop puzzle list, I couldn’t find one!

That’s when I had my Thanos moment and decided “Fine, I’ll do it myself”. I’ve gone through the internet to discover every available Funko jigsaw across their entire catalogue. I won’t include purchase links, since these will vary by country and the links could become defunct if they sell out. But at least you’ll know what is and isn’t available. I’ll be updating this as new jigsaws are released, so you’ll never miss one. Without further ado, here is the full Funko Pop puzzle list with all available jigsaws!

Full Puzzle List

As far as I can tell, all the Funko jigsaws are 500 pieces (with the exception of a 64 piece one for something called Wetmore Forrest). This is a great size for a puzzle, as they don’t require too much space, and only take a few hours (even under 2 hours if you’re quick). These would be fun for a lazy afternoon of relaxation, or a multi-day project where you work on it here and there. I’ll be listing the puzzles alphabetically for ease of discovery.

Alice in Wonderland

I really love the vibrant colours of Alice in Wonderland, and with the trademark Funko Pop character design, this puzzle is overflowing with exciting detail. This is the first one I’ve ordered for myself, and I’m super excited to build it when it arrives.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Alice in Wonderland

Avatar: The Last Airbender

As a kid, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender and would eagerly await new episodes. However, despite urging from some of my friends, I haven’t actually revisited it as an adult. I really like the Funko Pop versions of the characters in this puzzle, especially the Zuko figure.

Avatar: The Last Airbender jigsaw

Beauty and the Beast

Ah, the classic fairytale. My hot-take is that Beauty and the Beast is a terrible story (this includes the film version), and that Gaston is unfairly treated like a villain. I’m not saying he’s a great guy, he isn’t, but he never really does anything that bad. He wants to slay a beast who’s kidnapped a young woman. The whole storyline is just romanticised Stockholm Syndrome. Anyway, despite my feelings about the film, I can’t deny it has an excellent aesthetic, which definitely comes across in this puzzle. The gorgeous colours give off a stained glass effect that’s truly mesmerising.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Beauty and the Beast

Black Panther (Wakanda Forever)

I don’t care how basic it is, I adore the MCU. T’Challa, aka Black Panther, was such a fascinating character, and I loved the depth that there was to him. I was hooked from the moment he was first introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Admittedly I wasn’t much of a fun of the first Black Panther movie, although I did love seeing all the cool shots of T’Challa’s homeland. My main issue was that Killmonger was right, yet they were trying to paint him as the bad guy. However, I loved the sequel, Wakanda Forever, and I’m really glad that Funko chose to make a puzzle based on the movie.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever jigsaw

Doctor Strange (in the Multiverse of Madness)

Despite most people seemingly not liking it very much, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is in my top 5 MCU movies. I love how different it was, and Wanda was incredible as a sympathetic villain. As such, it’s an excellent choice for a puzzle, and definitely one I want to complete one day. I feel like this is one of the more difficult Funko Pop jigsaws, especially with that mosaic pattern in the centre.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


Elf is such an overrated Christmas movie, and yet I watch it every year without fail. Clearly I’m part of the problem. I’m a firm believer that Christmas media should only be consumed in December, so this puzzle is pointless for 11 months out of the year, but for the one month that it’s in vogue, it would definitely be a fun one to have. With the Christmas trees on the side, and NYC as a backdrop, this puzzle feels suitably festive.

Elf jigsaw


I watched Encanto shortly after it was released, having heard all the hype surrounding it. Fortunately, it lived up to my expectations; Lin Manuel Miranda simply doesn’t miss. The overarching message about family dynamics was super powerful, and the soundtrack was incredible. The best thing, though, was all the vibrant animations, it was truly a feast for the eyes. That beauty definitely conveys in jigsaw form, and this has to be one of my favourite Funko Pop puzzles. The chaos seems to be almost bursting out from the picture, and I reckon this would be so much fun to put together.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Encanto


I’m about to make a lot of enemies, but here goes… I don’t like Friends. It’s just not very funny, and there are so many better comedy shows available to watch. I can understand why it was popular in the 90’s and 00’s, but times have moved on since then. So many of the ‘jokes’ are outdated and at the expense of minorities, and it’s not even that I’m offended by them, I just don’t find them funny. Still, Friends has had an undeniably huge effect on pop culture, so I understand why Funko chose it as a theme for a puzzle. The image choice is brilliant for fans of the show; so many nostalgic moments packed into one picture.

Friends jigsaw


I’m really not into monster movies, so I can’t say I’ve watched this one myself. Still, if you like mindless destruction, I can understand why Godzilla would tickle your fancy. However, despite it not suiting my taste, I really love the image they’ve chosen for the puzzle. It’s so cool! My only criticism would be that since Godzilla is a huge monster, you don’t really get that typical Funko Pop look with it, so the only indication of the brand are the frightened people at the very bottom. So although it’s a cool image, it doesn’t feel very Funko Pop-y.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Godzilla

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is an absolute masterclass of a movie. It also holds the joint record for the movie I’ve seen the most times in the cinema (tied with Barbie at 3 times each). It was such an unexpected triumph, nobody had ever really heard of the characters before the movie, but it was an instant hit. It’s also the most consistent franchise within the MCU, as both sequels have been fantastic. It’s honestly hard to decide which of the 3 movies is my favourite. But it pains me to say, I’m not a huge fan of this puzzle. It feels too basic, as it’s essentially just a stylised version of the movie poster. I still like it, don’t get me wrong, but I’d have wanted to see something more unique to Funko.

Guardians of the Galaxy jigsaw

Hocus Pocus

One of the most beloved witchy movies of all time, this puzzle would be perfect to build around Halloween. The Hocus Pocus jigsaw puzzle has a fun image with several of the characters present, and is perfect for fans of the film. Also, if this description sounds a bit generic, it’s because, and I’m ashamed to admit this… I still haven’t seen this movie! It’s definitely something I’ll need to watch this coming October.

The Incredibles

I remember the absolute mania around The Incredibles when it was first released. EVERYBODY was talking about it at school, you were immediately a social pariah if you hadn’t seen it. The hype was valid, though, because what a movie! As a kid, my favourite character was Dash, but as I got older, I grew a newfound appreciation for Violet. The puzzle is very action-packed, depicting the epic battle scene from the end of the movie. But is it just me, or does the Funko Pop version of Mr. Incredible kinda look like Jack-Jack?

Funko Pop puzzle list, The Incredibles


I hate horror movies. I’m a total coward, I can’t watch anything even slightly scary (although I’m being very brave and watching Supernatural at the moment) without jumping and looking away. I have a particular grievance with IT, because as a child, I had just finished reading a book called Five Children and It, and I naively assumed that IT was the sequel when I saw it in the library. I. Was. Wrong. My trauma was renewed when the movie was released in 2017, and to this day I can’t see that horrible clown without reliving my childhood nightmare. The Funko Pop puzzle looks suitably scary, and I’m sure it appeals to fans of the series (whoever those insane people are).

IT jigsaw

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is one of the most iconic movies of all times. A Spielberg classic, what’s not to love about a theme park with reanimated dinosaurs that attack the guests? Honestly, I don’t know what the scientists were expecting. My problem is that I don’t think the Funko Pop design works very well with non-humanoid figures, and so this puzzle just doesn’t strike my fancy. I’m sure many people feel differently, though.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Jurassic Park

Mickey Mouse (Spooky)

I wonder who the most internationally recognisable character is? I reckon Mickey Mouse has to be up there. Walt Disney really changed the game with that cute little rodent. There have been countless iterations of him by so many different artists, but I think the Funko designers did a great job of capturing his charm. Having a Halloween setting for this puzzle was an excellent idea, and I love seeing all the characters in their adorable costumes. Much like the Elf puzzle, this one wouldn’t really work all year round, but it would be a delightful project to build in October.

Mickey Mouse Halloween jigsaw


“We must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon”… Is this the best Disney song of all-time? I recently rewatched Mulan and it definitely holds up, I loved it as much as ever. Great soundtrack, moving story, and likeable protagonist. It’s the trifecta. This Funko Pop puzzle version is genius, I love the split down the middle showing the two sides of Mulan. It’s a stunning design, and I hope I get the chance to build it one day.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Mulan

National Lampoon’s Vacation

I’ve vaguely heard of National Lampoon’s Vacation, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it. I think it might be a comedy? Anyway, clearly it has a strong fanbase, as Funko have deemed it profitable enough to create a jigsaw puzzle for. There’s so much going on in the image, and I can only assume it contains a bunch of references to the movie. Probably an excellent gift for fans of the film.

National Lampoon's Vacation jigsaw

Nightmare Before Christmas (Blacklight)

I wish Funko Pop made more items in their blacklight series, it’s a really cool idea. One of my favourite Funko Pop figures is the blacklight Black Panther, which was doubly cool as it came with a t-shirt. Nightmare Before Christmas is a delightful movie, and definitely lends itself well to this unique colour scheme. This puzzle has an exciting and busy design that I’m sure would be very enjoyable to put together.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Nightmare Before Christmas


Spider-Man is a wonderful character, and I’m so glad that the MCU got the rights to him. His trilogy has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the character going forward. The jigsaw seems to be more based on the comic book character than the movie, though, which I’m actually glad about. He’s got such awesome lore, and it’s fun to see characters like Spider-Gwen and Doc Oc depicted in the puzzle image. Good choice, Funko!

Spider-Man jigsaw

Spongebob Squarepants

This is the puzzle that alerted me to the fact that Funko made jigsaws in the first place. I saw a photo shared to one of my Facebook puzzle groups (please don’t judge me), and was immediately intrigued as to which other franchises they made jigsaws for. Although I was never much of a Spongebob Squarepants fan myself, I definitely see the appeal, and I think this puzzle would be excellent for beginners. It has a fun image with plenty of distinctive sections, but it’s also not too busy, and would be great for a relaxing activity.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Spongebob Squarepants

Stranger Things

Stranger Things certainly has a decidedly dark vibe, and that’s clear with this image. I feel like this is one of the more difficult puzzles on this list, mainly because of the Upside Down section. Trying to do a puzzle which contains two different orientations is no mean feat, and I expect people might struggle a bit with this one.

Stranger Things jigsaw

Stranger Things (Eddie with Guitar)

Clearly milking the franchise for all that it’s worth, Funko have a second Stranger Things puzzle, this time of Eddie with his guitar. Eddie was a fan-favourite character from season 4, and these days it’s practically impossible to go to a comic convention without seeing a sea of Hellfire Club t-shirts. This puzzle seems to be the rarest of this list, with far fewer online vendors having it for sale. It’s a pretty cool image, with Eddie rocking out on his guitar in front of an adoring Dustin.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Eddie with Guitar, Stranger Things

Ted Lasso

This show was one of my most unexpected finds. I can’t stand football, I find it so incredibly dull, and so I inwardly groaned when my husband suggested we should watch Ted Lasso together. But to my surprise, I loved every moment of it. The thing is, it’s not really about football, that’s just the plot that’s used to move the story along. What it’s actually about is the characters, and watching the relationship dynamics grow and change is truly beautiful. Ted is also the most perfect example of wholesome masculinity, and I honestly think everybody should watch this show. The puzzle image is of the familiar locker room, and I love that they have the Believe poster.

Ted Lasso jigsaw

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I was a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, and would watch it religiously on weekend mornings. My favourite was always Michelangelo, as I could really relate to his childish antics and obsession with pizza. Rafael was a close second for me, though, as he had such a cool vibe. This Funko Pop puzzle has loads of fun details, and I’m a big fan of the stance choices for our 4 turtles.

Funko Pop puzzle list, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Phew, there we go! A full Funko Pop puzzle list so you never miss any of their awesome jigsaws. I will be coming back to this list from time to time as they release new products, so make sure you save this link somewhere handy! Or better yet, go follow me on Twitter, and I’ll make a post whenever there’s been an update.

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