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How to Customise Your Hut in Bugsnax Cover

This guide is going to be all about how to customise your hut in Bugsnax. I remember when I first saw Bugsnax advertised during the PS5 reveal showcase. I was so hyped for it, more so than any of the other games announced at the time. Back then, I was a streamer on Twitch, so when the game released in November 2020, I got a PS4 code from the developer. I played it at the time and loved it, but once I finished then that was it. However, I’m primarily an Xbox player, so I was thrilled when it was introduced last month. Better yet, it was on Xbox Game Pass, so I could play it for free!

The Xbox console release came with an exciting new update too. There was free DLC released – The Isle of Bigsnax. As well as this, a bunch of new features were added into the game. Of these new features, my favourite one was the ability to decorate your very own hut in Snaxburg! I’m a sucker for customisation options in games, so this was right up my street. So I figured I’d make this article to show you all how to customise your hut in Bugsnax!

How to Locate Your Hut

When you’ve completed a few of the earlier missions, Filbo will proudly announce that you’re a part of Snaxburg. As a gesture to represent this, he reveals your very own hut! At the start, it’s a bit rundown, and doesn’t have fully built walls, or even a roof. The first time, he’ll take you there himself, but after that you’ll have to find it.

To do so, head to the campfire in the centre of Snaxburg. Then, turn so you’re facing the entrance to Simmering Springs. Walk that way until you see a mailbox… That’s yours! Once you reach the mailbox, simply turn right, and your hut will be right in front of you.

How to customise your hut in Bugsnax, Finding your hut
You’ve got mail!

Once you’ve kitted out your hut a bit, it will be even easier to spot. The other huts are pretty much the same colour from the outside, so yours will stand out.

How to Upgrade Your Hut

So, as I mentioned, your hut starts off pretty small. It has two spots for placing furniture, a spot for placing a bed, and a spot for hanging something on the wall. That’s pretty much it to begin with, as you don’t have a roof or proper walls. However, that will change soon enough.

To finish building the walls and roof, you’ll need to find Chandlo and bring him back to Snaxburg. Chandlo lives in Sugarpine Woods with Snorpy, and you can access them after retrieving Cromdo from Scorched Gorge. Chandlo won’t come home until you’ve convinced Snorpy too, so you’ll need to fulfil the main quests for both of them. When Chandlo arrives in Snaxburg, he apologises about the state of your hut, and fixes it up the next day. You’ll now be able to hang items from the roof, and decorate both the inside and outside of your walls.

A fully furnished room in the hut
Being able to place glowing stars on the roof really completes the room.

However, that’s not the only upgrade you can unlock! One thing you’ll soon become familiar with is mail requests (more on those later). To get a second level on your hut, you’ll need to complete a total of 50 requests. After you’ve done that, Filbo will explain that he’s had Chandlo build a second level to your hut. He tells you how he wanted to build it even higher, but that it would have been dangerous. This second level is the most you can upgrade your hut. You will need to fully furnish the upper and lower level of your hut to unlock the ‘Live Laugh Hut’ achievement.

Decorating Your Hut

Let’s face it, you’re here to find out how to customise your hut in Bugsnax. So it’s about time for me to address the how. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple process. Firstly, you’ll need to be within reasonable range of your hut. You can either wait until you’re inside, and then stand just outside. You’ll then need to toggle into Building Mode (on Xbox you press Y). From there, you’ll be able to apply customisations.

When you can make a change to a decoration, you will see a blue shape. This will either be a circle or a rectangle depending on what you’re changing. You can then walk over to it and select it (on Xbox you press X). The game will show you a tiled list of all the items you have that fit in that space. Choose whichever is your favourite, and then confirm it (on Xbox you press A).

How to customise your hut in Bugsnax, Selecting an item
You can scroll through your items to find the one you want to place.

Some customisation spaces will initially be inaccessible. You need to unlock them by finding an item that fits in that space. Item allocation is random, and so it may take a while to unlock all the spots. It’s worth noting that you can use the same item multiple times in your hut. If you have a favourite piece of furniture, feel free to place it in several spaces.

Finding Customisation Items

You get items in the mail by completing requests or side quests. You will find that once you’ve unlocked the hut, Grumpuses will start mailing you requests. These are accessible by looking in your Journal under the tab with the hut symbol. You will always have 5 active requests to choose from at any one time. Once you have completed a request, you will receive your reward, and it’s immediately replaced with another.

The requests are random, and you may sometimes be asked to do something you’ve already done. For example, at one point Gramble wanted me to donate a BBQ Bunger to his barn. I’d already done this, so rather than having to donate another, the request automatically completed. This is really convenient as it means you can cycle through requests pretty quickly in the later game stages.

List of mail requests in Bugsnax
You can view all current and past requests in your Journal.

The more requests you complete, the more customisation items you’ll find. This means you can decorate your hut in a style that really suits your personality. Don’t forget to also fulfil side quests that the Grumpuses give you, as these also come with rewards. There are well over 100 items to find, so there’ll be no shortage of requests!


So, there you have it! Hopefully this guide has helped you feel confident about how to customise your hut in Bugsnax. I really love this game, and the updated feature with the hut just added to my enjoyment. Young Horses are only an indie team, but they’ve put so much love and care into this game. I’m so glad it’s finally available on Xbox for even more people to enjoy!

I’d love to see pictures of how you’ve decorated your own huts. Join our Facebook community and share a screenshot of your own huts! Or otherwise, feel free to tweet them to me on Twitter!

How to customise your hut in Bugsnax, Golden Strabby
You get the Golden Strabby as a reward for catching all the bugsnax in the game, including those found on the Isle of Bigsnax!

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