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How to Get Extra Bubbles in Tinykin Cover

This guide is going to teach you how to get extra bubbles in Tinykin. This is linked to the Bottling Up achievement and the Master Brewer achievement. I downloaded Tinykin after seeing it added to Xbox Game Pass, but I wasn’t prepared for just what an incredible game it was going to be. I completely lost track of time whilst playing, as I was just so immersed in what was happening. It’s an exceptionally fun game, and I’m so glad I discovered it.

Anyway, as I was playing, I noticed that I needed extra bubbles so that I could reach far away areas. However, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get them. Naturally, I took to Google, only to discover that there were no guides available for me. I figured that if I was stuck, then many other players must also be struggling, and I decided to channel my inner Thanos – “Fine, I’ll do it myself”. Thus, I began the timely processing of documenting exactly how to unlock all 7 extra bubbles, for a total of 8. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to get all of them.

How to Get Extra Bubbles in Tinykin

As I mentioned in the introduction, getting extra bubbles is linked to the two brewing achievements. This is because Sikaru is the one who grants you the bubbles, in exchange for discovering new brews. It’s his life goal to prepare unique brews, and he needs your help to do it. This is made relatively clear near the beginning of the game, but what I was stumped on was the how. I assumed it was linked to the nectar I collect in each level, but nothing seemed to be happening. I’d hit my collection target, but when I visited Sikaru in the Chrysal Sanctum, I’d just get lines of dialogue.

Turns out, I was half right. You do need to collect nectar, and you do need to talk to Sikaru. However, you don’t do this in the Chrysal Sanctum. You do this in each of the different levels by finding Sikaru’s stall there. Now, I didn’t notice him even once whilst I was playing the first time. I’m not sure if this was because I wasn’t looking for him, or because he wasn’t there. I only started trying to get extra bubbles after I collected all the parts for the Ardwin Machine. I’m not sure if this is necessary for finding Sikaru or not, so if you follow this guide but can’t find him, you might need to complete the main storyline first before looking.

You get your first extra bubble after completing the City of Sanctar level. Upon returning to the Chrysal Sanctum, Ridmi and Sikaru are waiting for you. After that, you’ll need to reach the nectar collection target in each level. You’ll be able to see your progress on this by looking in the top right corner of your screen whenever you pick up nectar.

How to get extra bubbles in Tinykin, extra bubble

Where to Find Sikaru in Tinykin

Aside from just being a very cute character design, Sikaru is pivotal to getting extra bubbles. You can see his brews in his section in the Chrysal Sanctum. But to actually earn your bubbles, you’ll need to find him in all 6 of the different levels. He’s hidden in a different place each time, but luckily for you, I’ve listed all the locations below.

Where to Find Sikaru in The City of Sanctar

This is the very first level that you play through, not including Transidor Crossing. Sikaru is relatively easy to spot here, and is in a nice open area. You won’t need to climb around or anything, as he’s easily accessible on the ground floor.

To find him, look for the large TV in the corner of the room by the window. Once you see it, look near you and you should see a red rug on the floor. It’s surrounding the main house in the centre of the room. Stand facing the TV to get your bearings. Sikaru is at the top right of that red rug, from your current perspective. His banner is a navy blue colour with a red outline around the vials of bubbles.

Where to find Sikaru in Tinykin, The City of Sanctar

Where to Find Sikaru in Foliana Heights

I really liked the aesthetic of this level, as I find plants to be just beautiful. As you might notice when playing through Foliana Heights, there are lots of difficult to reach areas. I was a little worried at first, as I thought Sikaru might be hiding in one of the vivariums or something. Thankfully, he’s much easier to find than that, and is relatively close to the entrance.

Once you enter, there’s a tented area in the centre of the ground floor. There are guards on either side of the door, but pay them no mind, they won’t stop you. Around the edge of this tented area are various stalls set up by the locals. And directly in the centre, atop a green rug, you can find Sikaru. He’s got a dark teal banner, with a brown outline around the vials of bubbles.

How to get extra bubbles in Tinykin, Foliana Heights

Where to Find Sikaru in The Waters of Balnea

There are two sections of The Waters of Balnea, so even aside from needing to access both in order to get enough nectar for Sikaru’s brew, you won’t even be able to find him until you’ve moved to the second section. You don’t technically need to have unlocked the door using the key, but it will make it a lot easier if you’re entering the level just to find Sikaru.

To find him, you’ll need to head to the silverfish section of the level. This is the one where the party is happening. Look for the bath in the corner of the room. If you’ve completed this level, it should be easy to spot, as there’s a makeshift disco ball right above it. In front of the bath is a bath mat, and this is where you can find Sikaru. He has a blue banner, with a maroon outline around the vials of bubbles.

Where to find Sikaru in Tinykin, The Waters of Balnea

Where to Find Sikaru in The Lands of Ambrose

This one took me far longer to find than I care to admit. He’s actually not even hidden that well, but for some reason I kept glancing over him. It took me a good 20 minutes of active searching before I finally spotted him, near to where I’d started looking in the first place. The Lands of Ambrose is a pretty compact level, so you can imagine how tiring it was to keep searching in the same places. Still, I eventually found him, so this is where to look.

In the centre of the room, there’s a large canopy. If you’ve completed the level, there will be a scrumptious-looking cake on top of it, and lots of excited locals. You want to go directly beneath this canopy. Sikaru can be found directly next to the mail box, with a bottle of wine and two glasses flanking the archway behind him. His banner is green, with an orange outline around the vials of bubbles. His cart is also a lighter shade of wood than usual, causing it to blend in with the inside of the tent. I think this is why it took me so long to spot him in the first place.

How to get extra bubbles in Tinykin, The Lands of Ambrose

Where to Find Sikaru in Celerion park

Celerion Park is a particularly vast level, and it can be daunting to have to look for something there. But don’t fear, I’ll have you finding Sikaru in no time. Thankfully, although he himself is small, he’s near some pretty noticeable landmarks. I won’t give directions as it will differ depending which entrance you use, so instead I’ll simply describe his location in relation to the items around him.

The easiest thing to keep an eye out for is the huge ferris wheel. This will either be static or moving, depending on whether or not you’ve turned the power on. Head towards it, and from there look for the model train. When facing the ferris wheel, Sikaru’s stand is just on the right of the model train. His banner is blue with an orange outline around the vials of bubbles.

Where to find Sikaru in Tinykin, Celerion Park

Where to Find Sikaru in Transidor Crossing

Finally, we have Transidor Crossing. Technically it’s the first level you visit in Tinykin, but I chose to put it last for the sake of convenience. Also, you have limited access to Transidor Crossing near the start of the game, and you have to wait until you’ve made some progress, after which Ridmi enables you to go upstairs. There are no clumps of nectar in the lower area, so when collecting, focus on heading upstairs as soon as possible.

Once you’ve got enough nectar, Sikaru can be found pretty easily. You’ll need to head upstairs, using the silk web that allows you to traverse it with your soapboard. The first thing you’ll see once you’re at the top is an open grandfather clock. The pendulum will either be static or swinging, depending on whether you’ve fixed it. Sikaru is stood in front and to the right of this clock, at its foot. He’s got a dark green banner with an orange outline around the vials of bubbles.

How to get extra bubbles in Tinykin, Transidor Crossing

How to Get the Master Brewer Achievement in Tinykin

Unlocking the Master Brewer Achievement is directly tied to getting all your extra bubbles of flight. However, first you’ll get the Bottling Up achievement, as it’s essentially an easier version of the same thing. Both require you to help Sikaru with his brews. You get one achievement upon helping him make his first brew, and then the second achievement after he makes all 6.

So, to get the Master Brewer achievement, all you need to do is find Sikaru and give him the required amount of nectar in all 6 levels. Sounds simple, but will be quite a taxing task as you’ll need to really scour the levels in order to get enough nectar. However, with this guide, actually getting the achievement should be easy once you’ve reached the requirements.

You can see how many brews you’ve got left by checking in with Sikaru in the Chrysal Sanctum. Each filled vial will tell you the name of the brew, which references the area the nectar came from. You can use this to see which levels you still need to find Sikaru in.

How to get the Master Brewer achievement in Tinykin


And that’s it! Hopefully this guide has helped you feel more confident about how to get extra bubbles in Tinykin. Not only does it make it easier to traverse the levels, but it’s necessary for several achievements. Obviously there are the achievements for brewing, but also others. You need extra bubbles of flight in order to complete some of the quests in each level. You’ll also need it for getting all the relics for the museum, as you get those as rewards for the quest.

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