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Razor Crest Microfighter Cover

Lately I’ve been really into building Lego, so when I saw this on sale, I had to buy it. The usual price is £8.99, but it was reduced to £7, so I figured, why not. It comes with a minifigure of The Mandalorian, so that alone basically made it worth the price in my mind. Plus I liked the idea of having this small version next to the larger Razor Crest that Lego do. This is a very short build, so this will probably be one of the shortest reviews I ever do, but I still think it’s worth writing. This is a fun little product, and so I wanted to give my thoughts. Here’s my Lego Razor Crest Microfighter review!

The Build

Overall, this took me about half an hour, although 10 minutes of that was just me sorting the pieces out to make them look all neat and organised, and that’s largely unnecessary. It’s just one of those things that I like to do before starting. However, given how few pieces there are in this set (98), you wouldn’t need to sort them out. I think it would still be pretty easy to find everything if you just dumped it all into a pile. So, realistically, this is probably a 20-25 minute build at most. Whilst short, this was still enjoyable to put together.

Lego Razor Crest Microfighter review, All the pieces for set 75321.
I do this every time I build Lego!

I must admit, I did laugh a bit when I realised the initial piece was a 4×2 plate. It seemed so funny to me that the entire build was starting on a base that small. As this was such a tiny set, each piece felt very deliberate. Usually with Lego sets I find that there are some pieces that seemed to be included just for the sake of it. However, this was not the case here. Each piece served a purpose, and was chosen specifically. There was no clutter, and the build here was concise.

I found it pretty fun to put together, although it could be a little tedious trying to get structural integrity when 2×2 pieces were being connected onto the main build by just one stud. Once it’s put together, though, it’s pleasantly solid. I really liked the mechanism for the laser cannons. I’d never built a microfighter before, and it was satisfying to click the triggers into place.

The Finished Product

The final outcome is adorable. The size makes me smile, because it’s small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. Amazingly, it is actually recognisable as the Razor Crest. Obviously it lacks a lot of details, but the general shape is there. I love the thrusters on the side. They were fun to put together, and look excellent. I imagine they’ll make the set much more enjoyable for a kid, as it helps really give the appearance of a real spaceship.

Finished product, viewed from the front with The Mandalorian sat inside.

If you’re an adult collector, this is probably a piece you’ll have fun putting together and then forget about. It would look good on a shelf with other sets based on The Mandalorian, but that’s about it. Still, I imagine for a child that this could actually be a lot of fun. It’s a decent size for them to pick up and move through the air to pretend it’s flying. This set also has a couple of interactive parts. There’s the hatch at the back of the ship, which is attached to allow you to move it up and down. You can move it easily, but it’s stiff enough to hold its position.

The best part are the laser cannons. You load in two shiny red 1×1 round pieces, and you’re ready to go. Simply push the trigger, and they fly out the end! Honestly, I was really impressed by this feature. I’m a full grown adult and I still found it really exciting, so I’m sure a child would be even more thrilled. The range is excellent. I placed the ship on the floor, and the pieces still easily fired to the end of the room. There’s much more power behind them than you might imagine.

Lego Razor Crest Microfighter review, Laser cannons and hatch at the back.
The box art conveniently shows the interactive parts.

The Minifigure

If you’re a fan of The Mandalorian, then this alone makes this set worth it, in my opinion. The minifigure included is highly detailed, and is a lot of fun. I’m glad that it includes the jetpack, as it’s such a vital part of the series. Once Mando gets his jetpack, he uses it often, and the effect is super cool. Although it does look plasticky and I would have preferred a more metallic version, it’s still a great inclusion.

One thing that I found interesting is that they don’t actually give him a head with a face. Instead, the head piece is all black with no features whatsoever. I suppose it makes sense seeing as it’s covered with a helmet, but it was still odd. I’d be interested to see if this is the case in the main Razor Crest set. The helmet itself is a pretty simple design. It’s silver with black lines for the visor, just like in the show. It slots on really neatly, although I do feel it somewhat makes the proportions feel imbalanced.

The Mandalorian minifigure from set 75321
Here’s our boi, Mando!

The pattern on the top is fantastic. You can see his beskar steel armour, and he’s wearing a utility belt that’s visible on the front and back. I think it’s really cool that they made the effort to decorate the back when it’s hidden by the jetpack. Even though you can’t see it, it’s nice to know that it’s there. There are various panels in his armour and it gives the minifigure an authentic touch. In his hand, he holds a blaster, although this does not appear to be a custom design. It’s a plain black gun with a scope on the top.

The Instructions

The Lego Razor Crest Microfighter 75321 set came with a cute little instruction booklet about the same height and width as the box. It was surprisingly chunky given that there are only 98 pieces, although it’s still pretty thin compared to other sets. One thing I really liked about the instructions booklet was the progress bar. Along the bottom, there’s a grey line, and a picture of the Mandalorian minifigure. He moves slightly forward with each page you complete, and it’s a great visualisation of your progress. He starts in the bottom left, and finishes on the bottom right.

Each page had one stage of the build. Usually this was just one or two new pieces being added, but there were sometimes a few more. It was always concise and easy to follow though. With the larger sets, it can feel like you’re playing spot-the-difference on each page. This wasn’t a concern here, and it was easy to tell where each piece needed to go.

Lego Razor Crest Microfighter review, instruction booklet.
How awesome is that progress bar design?

One downside is that the pages are incredibly sharp. I don’t know why this is, as I’ve not encountered this before. Usually instruction booklets are flimsy, but this one was like a razor (pun intended). I had to be so cautious turning each page to avoid a papercut. I genuinely believe this probably added several minutes to the build time as I was being so careful. Papercuts are the worst, I don’t know why people use them as an example of an injury that isn’t a big deal. Still, luckily I managed to avoid slicing my fingers, but that is something to be wary of.


So, is this set worth buying? In my opinion, yes. I still don’t know whether I personally would have wanted to spend £8.99 on it, but I generally find Lego to be overpriced anyway. But for the discounted price of £7, it was definitely worth it. I’d imagine this is a set that goes on sale relatively frequently, so it might be worth checking your local shops.

The minifigure is a brilliant addition to a Lego Star Wars collection. It contains plenty of detail, and gives this set most of its value. Having said that, the ship itself is also great. Not only do I enjoy the Razor Crest as it is, but the pieces also lend themselves to MOCs. I saw a great design on Reddit where someone had turned this set into an N1 microfighter!

All in all, I’d say this is brilliant for all ages, especially given how cheap it is. It’s got a lot of playability, making it ideal for children. I still maintain that the best features are the laser cannons. They fire so well, and truly impressed me.

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