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Looter's Literary Review Spiritfarer

It’s a great time to be a Spiritfarer player, as we’ve recently had the Beverly update. As well as bringing the adorable Beverly into the game, there were a whole bunch of quality of life improvements. You can now set waypoints when travelling, so you can pass through things like crates on your way to a new town. You can also have multiple save files, and view your boat in photo mode, among other things. Possibly the best part of the update, though, is the addition of a new quest line for Buck! It’s a fun scavenger hunt, but it’s easy to get a bit stuck with it. So, here are all the treasure locations for Looter’s Literary Review in Spiritfarer! (And don’t forget to enter our free October giveaway for Darksiders III).

Portolan Chart #1 Projected in archive room.
This is what the charts look like when you project them.

Secret Portolan Chart #1

To view the charts, you need to take them to the projector in the archive room. This is the case for all 6 of the treasure maps. The first one shows a picture of an island with a tiny island directly adjacent to it, and the treasure is marked not far from that. When you examine your map, you’ll find that Loneberg is the only island that fits the picture. It’s conveniently near to a bus stop, so you can travel almost straight there. One thing to be aware of is that the angles are slightly off. That means that the actual location is not quite the same in reference to Loneberg as it is in the picture. The exact co-ordinates that you’ll need are -71, 180.

Secret Portolan Chart #2

Now, this one is particularly sneaky, as the island shown in the picture is Lost Shrine. As such, there’s a good chance you’ll look all around your map, and find nothing. You get access to Lost Shrine after opening the treasure map you get as a reward for doing an errand for Francis. The errand is only available after partially completing Buck’s quest line. Thankfully, you don’t actually need Lost Shrine unlocked to find the location from the chart. The co-ordinates you’ll want to go to are 193, 164.

Looter's Literary Review Spiritfarer Portolan Chart #2
It’s in the top right of the map, for reference.

Secret Portolan Chart #3

This is one of the easier charts in the game, as there aren’t many islands that are this close proximity to each other. The treasure can be found almost slap-bang in the middle of Alt Harbor and Albert’s Shipyard. It’s worth noting, however, that there’s a good chance your Alt Harbor is rotated differently. It seems to be the case that not everybody has Alt Harbor facing the same direction. The island shape is the same, just pointing in a different direction. To get the treasure for this chart, go to 54, 52.

Secret Portolan Chart #4

There are a few larger islands on the map, and so it might take you a while to narrow this one down. The main thing you want to pay attention to are the formations around the large island. This means you can rule many islands out, and the one you’re left with is Oxbury. The actual treasure location is a little way below it, at the co-ordinates 222, -20.

Looter's Literary Review Spiritfarer Portolan Chart #4
I bet this one makes you glad they added a safe travel mode!

Secret Portolan Chart #5

There’s not very much to go on with this one, but thankfully, no part of the Spiritfarer map is the same. As such, you can go off the shape of the formation, using the island for reference. Once you follow along the pattern, you’ll find that the treasure location is just below Irina the turtle. Travel to 121, -87 and you’ll be there.

Looter's Literary Review Spiritfarer Portolan Chart #5
This could be a good excuse to finally collect your ores from Irina!

Secret Portolan Chart #6

The final chart is again a little easier. Few places on the map are that close together, so it helps narrow down your search. Once you look at island sizes, you’re left with only one place. You’ll find this final location in a triangle with Mount Toroyama and Hoseki Quarry. It’s right by the Nebula shrimp event, if you want another point of reference. The final co-ordinates are -125, 8.

Looter's Literary Review Spiritfarer Portolan Chart #6
Congratulations, you’ve finished the quest line!


The Looter’s Literary Review quest in Spiritfarer is a lot of fun, and I’m so glad they added it. Buck is such a cheerful character, so it was nice to do a new quest line with him. It makes you feel almost like a pirate, traversing the seas in search for treasure. Hopefully this guide was useful for you in finding all the treasure locations.

What did you think of this new Spiritfarer quest? Join the discussion over in our Facebook community! I’ll be uploading an interview with the developers, Thunder Lotus, in a couple of weeks, so watch this space! Also, if you love games, why not check out our monthly giveaway? You could win a copy of the impressive Darksiders III!

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