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Mineko's Night Market Visitors Guide Cover

Mineko’s Night Market is the adorable new title from Meowza Games. It’s got surprising longevity, and you can easily spend days playing it. I’m nearly 20 hours in and have barely scratched the surface! Although there are many excellent features, the story definitely stands out. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and even after you complete the initial part of the storyline, there’s still so much more to discover.

At first, you’re focused on finding artifacts and searching for the mysterious Nikko. To be able to invite new visitors to the village, you first need to discover all 4 artifacts and meet Nikko for the first time. After that, new NPCs will appear for you to invite to your village. This Mineko’s Night Market visitors guide will tell you how to find all of them, as well as how to satisfy their requests so that they move in.

Irked Visitor at The Gardens

The first visitor that you’ll meet is a lovely lady named Em, and you can find her at The Gardens. She’s by the zen garden, complaining about how the agents have messed it up. She doesn’t give you any requests, so you need to take some initiative here.

Walk around the zen garden, and push the rocks into the centre of the circles that you see in the sand, where the dark shadows are. You can push the rocks just by walking into them from the opposite direction. Once they’re all centred in their respective circles, speak to Em again.

Mineko's Night Market Visitors Guide, Rock formations
These are the rock positions you’ll need.

She’ll be thrilled that you fixed the zen garden as it’s freed her creative spirit. She’ll come up with an idea for a new game called Ring Toss. However, she needs resources to be able to open it. She’ll ask you to bring her 24 wood. You can get this by harvesting the trees in Dark Forest using your Wood Axe.

After you bring her the wood, she’ll use it to open a Ring Toss booth at the Night Market. You can play the game every Saturday night to potentially win prizes. She’ll also move to one of the empty lots in the village.

Inviting the Irked Visitor at The Gardens to the village.

Malcontented Visitor at The Docks

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Itao’s personality, but he’s part of the game, so I’ll give you the guide anyway. When you get to The Docks, he’s the one stood by the bus stop with a suitcase. Speak to him, and listen to what he says.

He’ll ask you to bring him 20 pieces of paper so that he can make flyers for a new game that he wants to create. Harvest the paper from the trees in Birch Forest using your Paper Axe, then bring it back to him at The Docks. He’ll tell you he needs a day to print the flyers, after which he’ll abruptly leave.

Come back the following day (or later if you forget), and you’ll once again see him stood by the bus stop. He’ll give you 12 Octo Pull Pamphlets to advertise his new game. It falls on you to deliver them to 12 different people. Thankfully, this task shouldn’t be too difficult by this stage in the game as you’ll have met a lot of NPCs already. The best way to complete this task is in the afternoon on a day where it’s not raining, as most people in the village will be outside, or stood by the door of their homes.

Once you’ve delivered all 12 pamphlets, go back to The Docks. Talk to Itao once again, and he’ll tell you that he’s opening his Octo Pull booth at the Night Market. He’ll also move to the village.

Mineko's Night Market Visitors Guide, Malcontented Visitor at The Docks
I actually do have other things to do, Itao, you could at least say “please”!

Visitor at the Dark Forest

This one didn’t come up on my quests list as I found him accidentally, so I’m not sure if the quest initially has a different name. You can find this visitor by the fishing spot at the Dark Forest lake. Talk to him, and then settle in as he has a lotttt to say. He goes on a long monologue, but whenever you’re given an option to talk, just offer support and tell him to keep talking. Once he’s finally done, he’ll ask you to talk to his dad at The Docks.

Inviting Koji to the village
I have a real soft spot for my little fish dude.

Head to The Docks, and talk to Tak. He’s the guy who runs the stall next to Fred. You can recognise him as his animation is the one who’s constantly chopping fish. Interact with Tak, and say “I was talking to your son”.

For this part, you’ll need to remember a lot of detail. Or rather, you would need to remember it if I didn’t have it handily written here for you! In order, the options you need to pick are:

  • Smokie’s Fish Hut
  • Ume Village
  • 4 years
  • The Great Crow Infestation
  • Koji’s Fish Shack

Once you successfully complete the conversation, Koji (the son) will appear. He’ll have a heartfelt conversation with his dad, and when prompted, you should suggest that Koji starts his own business. He will say how he wants to open a fishing stand at the Night Market. He’ll also move to the village.

Mineko's Night Market Visitors Guide, Koji's Fish Stand
I won’t lie, much as I like Koji, his booth is an absolute rip-off and I would advise against using it once you’ve caught an initial koi.

Visitor at The Caves

Once again, I’m not sure if this has a specific quest name. You’ll meet a visitor named Sugihara at the entrance of The Caves, where you’ll see a cog on the ground there. Pick it up, and she’ll tell you about her invention, the Degarbagifier 2000. However, she’s missing some machine parts to get it working, and she’ll send you to find the remaining 4. These can be found at:

  • The Gardens (Teahouse)
  • Dark Forest (Cabin)
  • Birch Forest (Cat Statue)
  • The Docks (End of the dock)

Once you’ve collected all 5 machine parts (including the first one you found at The Caves) head back to Sugihara. Return them to her, and she’ll fix her machine. From then on, you’ll be able to use the Degarbagifier at the Night Market. She’ll also move to the village.

The Degarbagifier 2000
The Degarbagifier is useful for getting back some resources if you’ve messed up a craft project.

Fixing Their Homes

When you invite the visitors to live in your village, they’ll initially be staying in tents. You need to give them resources to upgrade their homes. Each visitor requires the same things, so it’s up to you which order you fix them in. I’d recommend helping Sugihara first, though, as her house is the prettiest.

To fix their homes, you’ll need to bring each of them:

  • 25 Wood – This will upgrade their home from a tent to a wooden structure.
  • 25 Paper – This will upgrade their home from a wooden structure to a fully built house.
Mineko's Night Market Visitors Guide, Nikko collecting resources.
You can use Nikko to help you gather the required resources.


Hopefully this Mineko’s Night Market visitors guide has been useful for you, and you’ve been able to find and invite all the visitors. I’m still playing the game, but all the empty lots have been filled so I believe these are all the visitors. However, if I find more, I’ll update the guide.

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