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Aragami Steam Giveaway

Happy November! I can’t believe that 2021 is nearly over already, just 2 more months to go. But whilst they year may be rapidly ending, one thing that will always stay the same is the Screen Hype monthly giveaway. Every month you get the chance to win a copy of a wonderful game, and November is no different. This month, we’re giving away a Steam copy of the popular Lince Works game, Aragami. The sequel was recently released, and so if you want to begin with the original where the action started, this Aragami Steam giveaway is for you. There are multiple ways to enter, so read to the end to find out how you can win.


This stealthy action-adventure game is sure to capture your attention from the get-go. Immersive and exciting, you get to explore the shadowy Valley of Rashomon. Somewhat similar in style to games like Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed, Aragami brings its own unique take to the genre. There is a big emphasis on stealth, so if you enjoy the general concepts of the action-adventure genre, but aren’t as keen on the fighting, then this game could be perfect for you. However, it’s not totally free of combat, and the game implements unique abilities. You can choose a style that works for you, and decide whether to assassinate all your enemies, or to let them live. Make your way through the darkness, progressing towards your goal, and using your arsenal of techniques to avoid detection.

The game also has a rich lore running through it, and plenty of attention has been paid to world-building. The story is deep and satisfying, and you’ll find yourself really invested in knowing what will happen next. The artwork is beautiful too, using contrast to create clear divisions between colours. All in all, Aragami is a fun game, and one that I’m sure you’ll love.

Aragami Steam giveaway
I love the use of colour in this game.

How to Enter

So, how do you take part? It’s simple! You can earn up to 3 entries, as well as extra bonus entries, by following the instructions down below:

1. Head over to our Twitter account, and check out the below tweet. You’ll need to like and retweet it, as well as making sure you’re following the account.

2. Tag a friend in the comments of the above tweet, you’ll get an extra entry if they choose to follow us.

3. Join our community on Facebook, and comment on the giveaway post (it’s an announcement so will be at the top of the page). As well as gaining an entry for the Aragami giveaway, you’ll have the opportunity to enter other exclusive giveaways that are only available in our Facebook group.

4. Invite a friend to our Facebook group, and have them comment on the giveaway post, saying that you invited them. You can earn up to 5 entries using this method.

You have until 23:59 on 30/11/21 to enter… Good luck!

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