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Planet of Lana Chime Puzzle Guide Cover

This beautiful new puzzle platformer has finally been released, and luckily for me it was a Game Pass day one title. I’ve been intrigued about this one for a while and was excited to get my teeth into it. I’ll admit, it’s slower than I expected, but I can’t deny it’s full of puzzles. Most of them have been pretty easy to solve, but this one took a moment. If you’re finding yourself stuck as to how to arrange the carts using the sliding mechanism, don’t worry. This Planet of Lana chime puzzle guide has you covered!

Starting the Challenge

Planet of Lana doesn’t have a map to refer to or anything, you just progress linearly through the game. As such, I can’t really give directions as to when the puzzle starts. All I can say is you’ll know it when you see it. First, you pass through some caves with mysterious markings on them. As you walk past, you’ll activate magical lights which illuminate the drawings.

Soon, you’ll emerge from the caves onto a little island. In the centre is a large puzzle for you to solve. There are large metal pipes, and some carts which you can move. At first, you may be a bit confused, but the pipes are actually chimes. By moving the carts, you change which sounds the chimes make. But how do you know where to move the carts to? That’s where the markings come in.

Arranging the Carts

If you want to try and solve the puzzle for yourself, read this section. But if you just want the answer, you can jump straight to the next heading.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the carts all have a slightly different shape. You’re going to need to look out for markings featuring each of the different carts. The first two are back in the caves you just emerged from. You can go back inside until you see a large drawing illuminated. Two of the cart shapes are on here, as well as a hint to the position they need to be in.

Planet of Lana Chime Puzzle guide, Illuminated cave markings

Then, go back outside. Just above where you emerge from is another platform. Climb up, and keep climbing left until you reach the top. Get Mui to sit on the light switch (I know it’s not technically a switch, but I don’t know what else to call it). After that, head back outside to see the marking that she’s illuminated.

Mui revealing a marking

Finally, on the bottom level of the puzzles, there’s a bundle of logs which you can drag around. Drag it up hill to reveal the marking hidden behind. Each marking I’ve described here corresponds to a different cart. If you’re still struggling to know what the markings mean, pay attention to the dots.

Planet of Lana Chime Puzzle guide, moving carts into position

Solving the Puzzle

Okay, you’ve seen the markings (or you skipped straight to this section), and you’re ready to solve. The markings show a picture of the cart as well as a series of dots. The carts differ on the tops, so you need to pay close attention to the shape. You can then slide each cart left and right until the number of dots revealed below them matches the marking. The order you need is:

  • Top Platform – 1 dot, space, 1 dot, space, 1 dot
  • Second Platform – 3 dots, space, 2 dots
  • Third Platform – 2 dots, space, 2 dots
  • Bottom Platform – 2 dots, space, 1 dot

Opening the Door

Once the carts are in position, you may be thinking “Now what?” as nothing happens straight away. Well, now you need to activate the chimes. You do this by jumping on the rope at the top right of the puzzle. When you do, it will slowly lower to the ground, ringing the chimes as it goes. If you’ve placed the carts correctly, it will stay on the ground, and after a few moments, the door on the right will open. Then, you just climb back up the rope, and go through the door.


Hopefully this Planet of Lana chime puzzle guide was useful to you. This is one of the trickier puzzles in the game, and may have been thwarting you. Once you’re through the door, you’ll earn the ‘A Key From the Past’ achievement.

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