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I recently played Ravenlok, and I loved not only what a fun game it was, but also how easy it was to get achievements. I had 1000 Gamerscore in just a few short hours. Regardless of what platform you play on, this Ravenlok achievements guide will help you get 100% completion. So, for my fellow completionists, this is your dream resource! Let’s get into it!

Achievements You Earn Naturally

There are 35 achievements that you will earn naturally as part of the main campaign. These will not be covered in this guide as you won’t need to go out of your way to complete them. These are the achievements which it’s literally impossible to miss. You can’t progress in the game without picking these ones up. For my Ravenlok achievements guide, I’ll be focusing on the ones that you might not necessarily get on a regular playthrough.

Before You Enter the First Mirror

There’s only one achievement which you’ll need to get before entering the magical mirror. It’s important to do this before you go, as you won’t be able to return to the ‘real world’. If you do miss this one, you’ll need to start a new game in order to get it. But don’t worry, Ravenlok offers multiple save files, so you won’t erase all your progress.

The achievement is called ‘Waff!‘. All you need to do for this one is to pet your dog. You do this by interacting with him when stood next to him. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Ravenlok achievements guide, pet the dog
Who’s a good doggy?

Purchasing Items

In the game, you earn coins by defeating bad guys and breaking jars. These coins are necessary for buying potions and bombs. You can get one achievement each for buying the right amounts of potions and bombs. You can buy potions from Camy the Cauldron outside the Witch’s Hut if you’ve completed the Potion Making quest. Otherwise, you can buy both potions and bombs from Hedgehog Etta’s shop. This can be found to the top left of the starting area.

  • Bombs Away! You need to purchase a total of 20 bombs for this one. I’d recommend buying a bunch of Fire Bombs as they’re the best value for money. However, if you’ve not yet completed the game, you’ll probably find Ice Bombs more useful.
  • Shopping Spree! – There’s a high likelihood you’ll get this one naturally as you play, because potions are kind of a necessity. You need to buy a total of 30 for the achievement. Medium Health Potions are my preference as they heal a lot of health with no wastage. However, Small Health Potions are the best value for money.
Shopping Spree achievement

Levelling Up

You start the game really weak, but don’t worry, you can grow much stronger. To do this, you’ll need to speak to Decker the mouse. He’s set up shop outside the Witch’s Hut, and you can trade feathers with him in order to level up. You get feathers by defeating enemies. The tougher the enemy, the more feathers you’ll get. The higher levels get pretty expensive (20,000 feathers each), so be prepared to engage in plenty of combat.

  • Stronger! You’ll need to get up to level 10.
  • Max level! All the way up to level 20 for this one! This may take a fair bit of grinding. If you need feathers, the guards in the Queen’s Castle are ideal as they give 1,000 feathers each. You can fast travel to Royal Prison – East Wing to fight them.
Ravenlok achievements guide, level up


The game offers you an array of hats which you can wear. However, only one of them is mandatory to progress in the story, and that’s the Masquerade Mask. The others will just sit in your inventory unless you choose to equip them. You’ll need to equip each of the following hats at least once to get the relevant achievement. This guide will only tell you where to find them. I’m not going to repeat myself 4 times telling you to wear them!

Where to Find All the Hats

  • It’s Pointy! – This is the achievement related to the Witch’s Hat. To get this one, you first need to defeat Thorlaron the Hydra. To take on that boss battle, you need to go to the serpent at the top of the spiral path near the Hydra’s Nest mirror. After you defeat Thorlaron, you’ll be transported to a new area. This new area will have a chest, which you’ll need to open to obtain the Witch’s Hat.
Thorlaron the Hydra
  • Flower Power – This is the achievement for wearing the Flower Crown. You earn the Flower Crown after you defeat Flora Esmerelda in the Greenhouse. Once you’ve beaten her, head up the ladder, and around the right-hand side of the top room you’ll find a green chest. Open it up, and inside is the Flower Crown.
Ravenlok achievements guide, Flower Crown
  • Extraordinary! – You need to wear the Top Hat to earn this one. You can get the Top Hat from the Mask Mansion, but not immediately. It’s in the upper area past the Planetarium, so you’ll need to have collected the Elevator Lever from Mirror Plaza to get up there. After you defeat Eagleblade Prime and move past the door in the Planetarium, head to the back of the new room. There’s a blue chest, and inside it is the Top Hat.
Top Hat
  • Crowned – It’s impossible to miss this hat if you complete the game. This achievement is for the Queen’s Crown. You get this after you defeat the Queen, and it goes straight into your inventory! All you need to do now is stick it on that royal head of yours!
Ravenlok achievements guide, Queen's Crown
I’ll be honest, I forgot to put the Queen’s Crown on for the screenshot. I just got so excited about the cool backdrop!


These are innocuous tasks you can complete throughout the game, and they don’t really fit into the other categories. These are as follows:

  • Well Rested – You need to sleep in the Witch’s bed. Do this by going into her hut, then up the ladder to her bedroom. Go across the beam, and then interact with her bed to sleep in it and earn the achievement.
Well Rested achievement
  • Mirror, Mirror – There are a total of 9 mirrors in the game, which act as fast travel portals. Personally, I think Ravenlok could’ve done with adding a 10th one in the Greenhouse area, but that’s just me. Anyway, you’ll need to find all the locations in the image below. If you want me to write a guide with the locations, please comment and let me know!
Ravenlok achievements guide, Mirror, Mirror
  • Frog Facts! – Go through the Lily Pond mirror, and head to the back right of that first area. You’ll see a frog just chilling on a plinth. Talk to him, and he’ll offer to quiz you on some frog facts. The order of answers is Yes, No, Yes. Get all 3 correct to earn the achievement.
Frog Facts!
  • Vibing – Super easy, literally all you need to do is press the up arrow on the D-pad. That’ll make the character do a little dance, and it’s all you need for the achievement.
  • Dance Master – This is arguably the most complicated achievement in the game. It involves finding 18 hidden collectible figurines. Luckily for you, I’ve written a comprehensive guide with all the locations.
Ravenlok achievements guide, all figurines
  • Awakened Spirits – You’ll need to complete a side quest to earn this achievement, but never fear! I’ve got you covered with this Awaken the Spirits guide.


There we go! With this Ravenlok achievements guide, you should now have all 50 achievements. Hopefully this was a comprehensive walkthrough for the Ravenlok achievements, I tried to be as clear as possible. However, if you’re still confused, hit me up on Twitter, and I’ll try to offer further help.

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