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This is one of many guides I’ve written for Ravenlok, and will help you get the ‘An Actor!’ achievement. This is necessary as part of the main story progression. This whole quest takes part in the Mask Mansion, and so this article will assume you’ve just entered into the level. Anyway, I’m not one to dilly-dally, so let’s get straight into this Ravenlok Backstage Access guide!

Starting the Quest

Head to the top level of the Mask Mansion and head through the corridor at the back. Talk to the Panda Bouncer, and he’ll tell you he can’t let you through. He’s blocking your way in, but he’ll let you through if you’re one of the actors. It’s time to get convincing. For this quest, you’ll need to find a costume to disguise yourself. Fortunately, if you use some resourcefulness, you can find one hidden around the Mask Mansion.

Ravenlok Backstage Access guide, Panda Bouncer

Finding the Mask Pieces

For your disguise, you’ll need to find 4 mask pieces, and this guide has all the locations. Technically you can find them in any order, but I’m going with the order that’s easiest to explain. It’s tricky to give clear and concise written directions, so it’s best for me to write them like this. However, if you’ve got great visualisation, feel free to grab them in the order that will be quickest in the game (2, 3, 1, 4).

Location 1

From the entrance hall, head up the stairs to the right, then turn right once you reach the top. You’ll find one piece on the floor near the end of this corridor. It’s worth noting that there’s a collectible figurine near here, so check out the figurine guide for the exact location.

Mask piece 1

Location 2

Go through the corridor at the very top of the stairs, but not all the way to the Panda Bouncer. Take the first door to your right, but you won’t be able to go all the way in. Your path is blocked by boxes, but there’s a mask piece hidden behind the curtain.

Ravenlok Backstage Access guide, mask piece 2

Location 3

Take the door opposite the previous one, on the left side of the hallway. You’ll enter a new area where you can find the next mask piece. It’s sat on a chair by the door, and is pretty easy to spot.

Mask piece 3

Location 4

Finally, go back to the entrance hall, to the very spot where you entered the level. Go to the left, making sure to stay in a straight line and not drift forwards. The final mask piece is on the very first bench in that hallway, near the front of your screen. I stupidly forgot to take a screenshot of this one, but I promise it’s there!

Wearing the Mask

You’ll now have all 4 pieces, but what are you supposed to do with those? You can’t exactly wear them as they are! Fortunately, the residents in Ravenlok are very handy. Head to the end of that corridor on the left on the ground floor (where you found the final mask piece) and you’ll enter a new area. Walk to the back to find Oban the Leader; he’s the soot bunny next to the forge. Talk to him, and you’ll give him the mask pieces, which he’ll weld together into a mask for you.

Ravenlok Backstage Access guide, Oban the Leader forge

Once that’s done, go into your Start menu. Navigate across to ‘Hats’ and select the Masquerade Mask. With your selection tool on it, click to equip it, and your character will slap that fancy mask right onto their face. Hooray! This’ll earn you the ‘An Actor!’ achievement, but the quest doesn’t end here.

Masquerade Mask Ravenlok

Completing the Quest

You now need to go back to the Panda Bouncer so he can let you through to the Theatre. However, on your way up, you’ll encounter a Monster Ambush. There will be 3 rounds of jesters for you to defeat, so make sure to conserve your skills and plan accordingly.

Once you’ve beaten the jesters, go back up to the top floor and head through the back corridor. Speak to the Panda Bouncer again whilst wearing the Masquerade Mask. Upon seeing your lovely costume, he’ll assume you’re an actor, and will let you pass through. This will grant you access to the Theatre, and it’ll complete the quest.

Backstage Access quest complete


There you go! Hopefully this Ravenlok Backstage Access guide has helped you get past that pesky Panda Bouncer. You should have been able to collect all 4 mask pieces and weld them together. If you’re having trouble with any other quests or achievements, I’d recommend you check out some of our other Ravenlok guides.

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