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Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide Cover

Much of Ravenlok takes place in a magical world that you’re transported to through a mirror. However, you start the game in the real world. Before you can unlock the barn and travel through the mirror, you have to help your parents with some basic chores. One of those chores involves setting the table with some flowers to make the new home prettier. To help you get this out of the way as quickly as possible, I’ve created this Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide. With the help of this article, you’ll be through the mirror in no time!

All Flower Locations

For this Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide, I’m going to assume that you’ve already started the quest. Your mum will ask you to collect 4 flowers. Once you have them, you’ll have to put them in a vase on the table, but we’ll get to that later. You can pick the flowers in any order, so the order I’ve chosen here is arbitrary.

The flowers are spread out pretty much in the 4 corners of the yard, but I’ll get more specific for the guide. All the flowers are white with a green stem and a yellow centre.

Flower 1

The first is in the back corner of the yard, to the left of the house. It’s just behind the dog kennel.

Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide, first flower

Flower 2

The second can be found in the top left of the yard. This is near the tool shed, which will be a useful location to remember. You’ll need to drop Dad’s toolbox there for a later quest. There’s a small campfire area next to the flower.

Flower by the tool shed

Flower 3

The third one is on the middle right side of the yard, just in front of the barn. It’s tucked away on the grass next to the fence, in front of the hay bales.

Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide, flower by the barn

Flower 4

For this final flower, you’ll need to go to the back right of the yard. It’s just to the left of the barn, next to the broken rope swing. You should immediately spot the tree, and then the flower can be found in its shadow.

Flower by the broken rope swing

What to Do with the Flowers

Once you’ve collected all 4 of the flowers, go back inside the house. Go to the kitchen on the left, and you’ll see the table. There’s a vase upon it, so walk up to it and interact. This will place the flowers inside, completing that part of the task. After that, simply go back to your mum and speak to her. That will complete the quest.


I hope this Ravenlok Flowers for Mom guide has been useful, and you’ve been able to complete the quest. The game gets a lot more fun from hereon out, believe me! Once you’re through the mirror, you should check out this Figurine guide. They’re collectibles that you find in Ravenlok, and you get an achievement upon finding all of them.

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