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The last of my Ravenlok guides, this article will help you with the Potion Making quest. Although there’s no achievement for this, you’ll still need to complete it . Doing this quest is necessary to unlock Camy’s shop, and it’ll allow you easy access to potions for the remainder of the game. You’ll also need to borrow some fire from Camy at the end of the level. By the end of this Ravenlok Potion Making guide, you’ll be able to complete the entire quest… Let’s get into it!

Starting the Quest

You begin the Potion Making Quest in the area with the Witch’s Hut, about halfway through the Mushroom Forest. When you get there, you’ll see a large black cauldron sat in front and to the left of the hut. He’ll announce that his name is Camy the Cauldron, and he’ll ask for your help. He wants to make potions for you, but first he’ll need to get a fire going. He’ll ask you to find some Cinder for him.

All Cinder Locations

When I started this quest, I got very confused and thought it had glitched. Camy just asks for ‘some Cinder’. So I found one piece, gave it to him, and thought that would be it. I didn’t see the tracker (I had another quest active), so I didn’t realise I needed multiple pieces. However, you’ll actually need to find 4 Cinders for him. Here are all 4 locations:

Location 1

The first piece is very near to where you start the quest. Head right of Camy, and you’ll find a Cinder between Decker’s Shine Shop and the Figurine Stall.

Ravenlok Potion Making guide, First Cinder

Location 2

Now head around to the back of the area. You’ll find a wooden structure that resembles a shed and has some jars in. Quick tangent, those jars will provide you with plenty of coins, and they regenerate every time you re-enter the level. It’s a good way to generate money if you’re low on funds.

Anyway, the Cinder is just to the right of the shed-like structure.

Second Cinder location

Location 3

Move to the very right of the Witch’s Hut area, but don’t pass through the boundary into the next area. Instead, stop just before you would enter the new area. Look down, and you’ll see a blue grass path that heads downwards. Follow that path, and you’ll find the next piece of Cinder at the bottom of it.

Ravenlok Potion Making guide, Third Cinder

Location 4

Finally, head into the next area (to the right of the Witch’s Hut area). You want to take the very first path downwards, and follow it to the left. Here, you’ll find the final piece of Cinder.

Last Cinder location

Completing the Quest

Now that you have all your Cinders, it’s time to head back to Camy the Cauldron! Return to him, and hand over all the Cinder you found. He’ll be overjoyed, and his fire will be lit, thus completing the quest. You’ll also unlock his shop, where you’ll be able to purchase potions for the rest of the game.

The costs are: 50 coins for a Small Health Potion, 200 coins for a Medium Health Potion, and 450 coins for a Large Health Potion.

Ravenlok Potion Making guide, Camy's Shop


Hopefully this Ravenlok Potion Making guide has proven useful. You should have now unlocked the ability to use Camy’s shop and buy potions. If you’re stuck on any other quests, check to see if I’ve written a guide for them. One of the guides is for the Awaken the Spirits quest in the same area.

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