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Another day, another guide! If you’ve been playing Ravenlok, eventually you’ll enter the Labyrinth. This is an area you’ll find towards the middle of the game, and it steps up the difficulty a bit. Not only will you be fighting stronger enemies, but you’ll also have to use your brain for some more complicated quests. One such quest involves deciphering runes, and that’s why I’ve created this Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide. I’ll talk you through everything that you need to do in order to complete the quest and earn the Ancient Wisdom achievement.

I’d recommend doing this quest before fighting Helios the Golden. After that, you’ll need to defeat enemies every time you re-enter the area, and that can be a hassle.

Starting the Quest

This puzzle takes place in the area with the Cockatrice and Helios the Golden. To get here, you need to fast travel to Lily Pond and then move into the area straight above it. At the back of this new area, you’ll find a large door surrounded by pillars with mysterious symbols. It’s closed firmly shut, and it’s your job to open it.

Interact with the door, and you’ll be unable to open it. This will begin the Runestone Puzzle quest, and you’ll be told to search for clues. You will need to actually search for the clues, as the game doesn’t allow you to just immediately enter the correct code. So I’m afraid you’ll need to actually follow the whole guide instead of skipping straight to the solution (yup, I knew you were gonna do that).

Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide, Large door

Finding the Runestones

There are 4 runestones hidden throughout the area, and you’ll need to find all of them to progress. They can be found in any order, but I’ve just gone with the order that I find quickest and easiest starting from the large door. All of them are within this one area. All you need to do is interact with them, and they’ll count as being found.


The runestone for Courage will be the first stop for you. Go just to the left of the pillars by the large door. Carved into the wall is a symbol resembling a mountain with a cloud floating above it.

Courage symbol


Keep going left, and you’ll see a raised area of land. This is towards the back left of the area. There are 3 broken pillars and upon them is the symbol for Love. It looks very similar to a heart, making it easy to identify.

Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide, Love symbol


Strength can be found near the front right of this area, around the corner of some masonry. You can spot its location as it’s nestled beneath some beautiful pink and orange flowers. It looks like someone flexing their arm muscles, and so it’s easy to remember.

Strength symbol


Finally, you’ll need to find the Grace symbol. Go back to where you first entered the area, and head to the left, sticking near the front. After a while, you’ll come across the symbol for Grace. It looks like an octopus with only two tentacles.

Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide, Grace symbol

Figuring Out the Code

Okay, you know what the 4 symbols are… Now what? The quest will update and you’ll be prompted to find a code. This is carved into a stone pillar, and before interacting with it, it just looks like odd symbols. To find the pillar, head back to where you found the Strength symbol. Carry on up the path, and you’ll spot a mound on the right. Walk up to the stone and interact to read the code. It will give you the following riddle:

‘Strength beside Courage’

‘Love after Courage’

‘Courage before Strength’

‘Grace after Love’

Secret code

Inputting the Solution

Go back to the large door where you started the quest. You’ll find that the pillars have the same symbols that you found throughout the area. You need to interact with them in the order that you get when you solve the code. As per the riddle, the order is ‘Courage, Strength, Love, Grace‘.

Once you’ve pressed all the symbols in order, stand on the pressure plate in front of the door. Hold down the interact button, and it should activate the mechanism. The door will open, and the quest will complete. Congratulations, you did it!

Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide, solution


Awesome, with this Ravenlok Runestone Puzzle guide, you should have unlocked the big large door. Completing the quest also earns you the Ancient Wisdom achievement. If you’re curious about what other achievements you’ll need, check out this Ravenlok achievements guide.

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