Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

An exciting new game popped up on my radar this week, and although I’m hopefully going to be doing a review of it very soon, I wanted to first tell you a little bit about the game. Developed by Red Koi Box, Faraday Protocol is a unique puzzle adventure, which will truly put your skills to the test. Set in an abandoned space station, your duty is to explore the world around you, solving challenges as you go. The trailer is very reminiscent of Portal, in that you use a unique scientific device to traverse your surroundings.

Known as the Bia-tool, this device will give you the ability to manipulate the energy around you. The mechanics are simple and easy to grasp, but the puzzles will require you to use your imagination and think outside of the box. You will need to think logically and strategically if you want to succeed. Using your Bia-tool, you’ll explore the sterile space landscape that you’ve found yourself in. The futuristic setting definitely captivated my attention when I was watching the trailer, and I can’t wait to play it.

Upcoming Review and… Giveaway?

As a gaming writer, I’m offered the chance to play several new games every week, and I reject 90% of them. I have to decide which games look as though they’d appeal not only to me, but to my audience. I have to say, Faraday Protocol immediately jumped out to me. As a prospective player, the trailer is the number one most important thing a game can offer. I don’t have time to watch hours of gameplay, or read every review, and so I need to make snap decisions. A trailer should showcase the very best of what a game has to offer, and this one looks delightful. Will it live up to the hype? We’ll have to wait and see, but for now… I’m optimistic!

Recent Release Faraday Protocol
I love the effect of the black and gold, it’s so elegant.

I’ve been lucky enough to be granted a review key by the publisher, and so I’ll be playing Faraday Protocol for myself very soon. I’ve got the game for Xbox Series X, and so hopefully the graphics will really be able to shine. It’s great to see so many games that are XSX enhanced, as it really elevates the gaming experience. I’m also planning to hopefully do a giveaway so that you have the chance to play this game for yourself. If you’d be interested, then please tweet to us to say which platform you’d prefer (PC, Xbox, Steam, Switch). Otherwise, you can join our Facebook community, and join the discussion over there!

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