Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Daria and Jackie Quest Guide Cover

At long last, the much anticipated Jackie and Daria update is available for Spiritfarer! The Beverly update was released on August 31st, so it’s been over 3 months since the last one, and fans had been clamouring for more content. I did an interview with Thunder Lotus Games earlier in the year, where they confirmed this would be the final update. As such, it needed to pull out all the stops, and believe me, it has! This update has brought hours of additional content, and several new quests. Some of the new requests are a little challenging, so I’ve made this Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria quest guide to help you out.

In it, I’ll cover several topics such as where to find Jackie and Daria, how to get started with their quests, what you need to do to complete their requests, where to get Radiant Springs, and more. I’ve covered literally every aspect of their quests. I’ve also made guides for all the shenanigans related to Overbrook, the new island. Some of the quests and shenanigans are related, and I’ve put those ones together. Otherwise, all the standalone shenanigans are listed at the end of the article, after the main quest line. If you’re only interested in the Overbrook shenanigans, or want the new recipes, I’ve made a separate guide here. For the main quest line, it’s in chronological order, so just scroll down to the particular one you’re stuck on. I’ve listed all the quest names in the heading for your convenience.

Getting Started With Jackie and Daria

Jackie is a hyena spirit whose favourite food is Chilaquiles. Daria is a bat spirit whose favourite food is an Apple. Much like how you needed to find Astrid before you could get Giovanni on your ship, the same is true here. Jackie and Daria’s stories are intertwined with one another, and so you need to do them in order. But before you can do anything, you need to make sure you’re ready for the quest line. You will need:

  • Rock Destroyer (boat upgrade)
  • Mist Cleaner 1000 (boat upgrade)
  • Double jump (Stella’s ability)
  • Zip line (Stella’s ability)
  • Glide (Stella’s ability) – Recommended but not essential

With the update, if you’ve got the required ship upgrades, then you should receive a letter in your mail. Check it, and you’ll have a brochure inviting you to Overbrook. Go into your inventory to read the brochure. This is a new island on your map, and the co-ordinates are 213, 57. Go there, and once you arrive on the island, head to the left. You’ll see a brown spirit with a burgundy exclamation mark. Talk to him, this is Jackie.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide
Speak to this spirit that’s stood next to the vending machine.

Quest: Snack Attack

For the very first quest with Jackie, he’ll ask you to get him a Chocoblasterz from the vending machine next to him. When you interact with the machine, you’ll be able to buy it, but it will cost you one obol. If you’ve completed the rest of the game then you’ll be able to afford this, but if you can’t, you’ll need to get an obol by recruiting one of the other spirits to join your boat first, and then come back to this quest. Please note that Jackie’s quest line will require 2 obols in total, so make sure that you have enough before continuing with this quest line, otherwise you may need to go and find some other spirits first.

Purchase the Chocoblasterz, which will make the vending machine glow, then talk to Jackie to give it to him. He will transform into his hyena form. This is different to the other spirits you’ll have collected, as they usually don’t transform until they’re on the boat. Giving Jackie the Chocoblasterz will complete this quest.

Quest: Onboarding

For this next quest, Jackie will offer to give you a tour of Overbrook. Take him up on this, and follow him as he takes you around the island. He’ll head over to the hospital, the main building on Overbrook. He’ll stop every now and then to talk to the other spirits. When he does so, his burgundy exclamation mark will appear, and you’ll need to talk to him every time this happens. Once you arrive at the top of the building, talk to him one last time to complete the quest.

Jackie's tour of Overbrook, Onboarding.
Jackie has a quite arrogant personality, but he’s not all bad.

Quest: The Slop Shop

This one is nice and simple. For this quest, Jackie will requests 5 bags of rice. If you don’t have rice yet, you can grow it on your boat in the field. You can purchase the seeds from the shop in Furogawa for 70 glims each. Once you have grown and harvested your rice, return to Jackie on Overbrook. He’ll be pacing on the path outside the hospital, near where you first met him.

Quest: Advanced Snackology

You’ll have to wait a bit before you can do this next quest. This is something you’ll need to get used to, as a lot of Jackie and Daria’s quests require patience. Head off the island and do something else for a while, perhaps make some progress on your shenanigans. The next morning, you’ll receive another letter in the mail, it’ll be from Jackie. You then need to go back to the vending machine in Overbrook, and purchase a Crispy Burlap Men protein bar. It’ll cost you another obol. When you purchase it, the vending machine will glow like it did before. Once you have it in your inventory, head towards Jackie, you’ll be able to see his burgundy exclamation mark on the screen.

You’ll find Jackie at the Tower. To get there, go to the ledge at the top left of the hospital. You’ll see a ladder that wasn’t there before. Climb the ladder to the first level of the Tower, and talk to Jackie there. He’ll tell you that a patient lives in this tower, but that you’re not able to see her. He doesn’t want the protein bar after all, but he’ll give you a Pager so that he can contact you if he needs you. The quest will then complete.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Advanced Snackology.
This is the ledge to the tower, you can see where it is in relation to the hospital. I took this screenshot earlier in the quest line, but in your version the ladder will be up against the Tower for you to climb up.

Quest: Slop ‘N Slide

Head back to your ship, and go about your spiritfaring duties for a while. I didn’t receive a message until I left the island, but it might just be time based. After some time, you’ll receive a Pager message from Jackie asking for help with a kitchen emergency. Go back to Overbrook, and meet Jackie where you just left him, outside the Tower. Talk to him, and he’ll advise you that they need help distributing the food. You’ll then need to go to the cafeteria, which is on the very top floor of the hospital, to the right of where Jackie is at the tower. You need to interact with the man in the window (do this from outside the building, don’t go in). However, instead of selecting the ‘Talk’ option, select ‘Menu’ instead. From there, you need to claim the “Nutritious” Slop.

Your requests log will tell you that you need to feed the “Nutritious” Slop to three different patients. However, you don’t have to actually do that. If you want to be kinder, you can give them any of the other meals in your inventory. There are multiple spirits mulling around the hospital, and any three of them will suffice for the quest. The only spirits who don’t count are the chef, and Jackie. When you interact with them, select ‘Give’ instead of ‘Talk’. Once you’ve given food to 3 spirits, go back to Jackie at the tower. Talk to him, and it will end the quest.

Slop 'N Slide quest
This is where you meet Jackie to start and end the quest.

Quest: Hide and Seek

Back to waiting, I’m afraid. Sail away from the island, and wait for your Pager to go off again. Jackie is panicking about missing patients, and wants you to come back to help him. Meet Jackie back at the Tower in Overbrook. He’ll let you know that there are three lost patients that he needs you to find.

The First Patient

The first patient is nice and easy. They’re hiding right above where Jackie is, on the second level of the Tower. Jump up to the ledge right above you, and you’ll see a spirit standing there. Talk to them, and they’ll agree to go back to their room.

The Second Patient

Now you need to go left of the Tower. Drop down, then drop down again, and keep going left until you come across a ruined structure. If you jump up onto the first level of the structure, you’ll find a spirit standing on the left. This is the second lost patient. Talk to them until they return to their room.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Hide and Seek.
They’re hiding behind some of the damaged walling.

The Third Patient

Finally, head to the vending machine that you find at the entrance to Overbrook. There will be one last spirit hiding by the bush next to the vending machine. After having a conversation with them, they’ll go back to their room. From there, you just need to go back and tell Jackie the good news. He thanks you, and pays you back the obol that you spent on the Chocoblasterz. The quest will then end.

Quest: House Call

Once again, leave Overbrook and wait for Jackie to page you. When he does, return to Overbrook, but you won’t see Jackie. That’s because you now need to do the quest ‘The Old Guitarist’. Upon completion of that quest (listed next), you’ll automatically start a conversation with Jackie, which will complete House Call.

Quest: The Old Guitarist

Exciting news, you’re about to meet Daria! When you return to Overbrook, Jackie will no longer be stationed at his post outside the Tower, meaning you can go inside the door and climb up to the top. You can either climb up the ladders that are visible through the windows, or use double jump repeatedly. When you get to the top, exit through the green door. One level above, you’ll see a yellow door with some strange symbols on, this is Daria’s room. Go through that yellow door, and pick up the sheet of music you find inside. If you take out your guitar whilst still in the room, you’ll automatically play this new piece of music. Your playing will awaken Daria, who you can now speak to. After that, Jackie will appear and ask you not to visit her again. That conversation will complete both quests (House Call and The Old Guitarist).

Daria's room, The Old Guitarist.
When you climb up the inside of the Tower, you’ll come out the green door. Then you need to head through the yellow one into Daria’s room.

Quest: Engineering 101

You know what to do by now. Sail away from Overbrook, wait for Jackie’s Pager message, then head on back. You’ll find Jackie at his usual spot by the Tower. When you talk to him, he’ll give you an Elevator Key, and he’ll send you to the far right of the island to fix the power. Go back to your little boat, but instead of going onto the side of Overbrook on the left like you usually would, jump to the right instead. You’ll see a few buildings on this new part of the island. Jump on top of the second building, and interact with the metallic device there. It will summon the elevator. Be warned, once activated, the elevator will go up and down consistently, so you’ll need to be quick with jumping on and off.

Once you get to the top, you’ll see a fuse box just to the right of the elevator, interact with it. That turns the hospital’s power back on, so then you just need to head back to Jackie. Conveniently, there’s a zip line by the fuse box which you can take all the way to the top of the Tower. Drop down and talk to Jackie to complete the quest.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide,  Engineering 101.
This is the device that controls the elevator.

Quest: Hot Still-Scape for Six Colors

This is probably the first part that you’d get particularly stuck on. By now, you’re used to quests progressing after you sail away from the island for a while, however, that’s not what you do here. Instead, head back up to the top of the elevator, and take the zip line to the top of the Tower. Jackie is still down at the bottom guarding the door up, but you don’t need that anymore. Go inside Daria’s room and talk to her. She’ll tell you about a special instrument she used to love, and send you to go find it.

You’ll need to find Francis the Wandering Merchant on the map, look for the green onion-shaped symbol. Sail to him, and then talk to him. He’ll confirm that he does indeed have the instrument, and he’ll make you do an errand for it. Once you’ve completed the errand (listed below), head back to Daria’s room in Overbrook. Interact with her, and instead of selecting the ‘Talk’ option, choose ‘Give’, and hand her the Strange Instrument, which should be in your key items. This will end the quest.

Francis the Wandering Merchant, Handle With Care.
You should find Handle With Care at the top of the errands list.

Errand: Handle With Care

To get the Strange Instrument from Francis, you’ll have to complete the errand Handle With Care. It should be at the top of his errands list. To do this you’ll need to trade four things – 3 Silver Ingots, 3 Squids, 3 Snow Crabs, and 3 Lobsters. You can forge Silver Ingots in your ship’s Foundry using Silver Ore. If you don’t have any, you can find it here. The rest of the requirements can be found by fishing from your ship in specific regions. Squid is found here, Snow Crabs can be found in the icy region (past the ice barrier), and lobster can be found here. Note that with fishing, there are plenty of different fish you can catch, so it may take a while to catch the right types. Once you have all the requirements, go back to Francis to complete the errand.

Quest: The Incident

Back to the usual method! Leave Overbrook and chill on your ship for a while. Eventually you’ll get a Pager message from Jackie, and he’s big mad about you speaking to Daria. He’s utterly furious, and demands you to come back. Go back on the island, and speak to Jackie in his usual spot outside the Tower. He gets angry and storms off, ending the quest.

Shenanigan: Three’s Company

Most shenanigans can be done at any point, but this one is necessary in order to continue the main quest line. After Jackie’s tantrum, you’ll need to talk to the teal spirit stood next to where he was. They want to improve conditions at Overbrook hospital. To do this, they ask you to find a chef, a foreman, and a gardener. I’ll list how to find all of those people in the subheadings of this quest. Once you have all three, head back to Overbrook, and look for the Caretaker’s teal exclamation mark. Go and talk to them outside the Tower to complete the quest.

Finding a Chef

The first place you’ll need to go will be Hoseki Quarry on the left side of the map, co-ordinates -137, 28. Go inside, and head up the first two ladders, then go left. You’ll come to a fork in the path, one route heading down and one heading up. Take the upper path, and then head left. Keep going until you see a tall pink spirit, this is who you need to talk to. Talk to them, and they’ll agree to come with you, but they want to make dummies of the workers so that the mine owners don’t realise they’ve left. You’ll need to hand over 7 Maple Planks, 7 pieces of Linen Fabric, and 7 Carrots. Once you do this, they’ll agree to work in the Overbrook hospital.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Hoseki Quarry Chef, Three's Company.
This is the spirit you’re looking for.

Finding a Foreman/ Doctor

So, although this part starts off with you looking for a foreman, you end up finding a doctor instead. To start with, head to Southpoint Docks, co-ordinates 157, 22. Go up the ladder into the docks, then bounce on the trash bin you see next to you. Once you jump high enough, you’ll land on a surface, and you’ll see a fat yellow spirit just to the left of you. Talk to them, and you’ll be sent to Old Central District, co-ordinates 185, -8. Go up the ladder into the town, and go into the building to the left of where you start. Go inside, and head all the way up to the top. Speak to the spirit you find at the top, and he’ll agree to work in the hospital if you pay him 10,000 glims.

Three's Company, Old Central District.
This is the building you need to climb to the top of.

Finding a Gardener

Finally, head to Villa Maggiore, co-ordinates -58, 117. When you arrive, head up the ladder and then go all the way to the left. You’ll see a fat green spirit, this is the gardener. When you first speak to him, he won’t be interested, so you’ll need to be persistent. Once you’ve spoken to him three times, he’ll give in and admit that he’s lonely. He will accept your offer to work in the hospital, and you won’t have to give him anything in return.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Villa Maggiore Gardener.
This is the gardener that knew Gwen.

Quest: The Night Watch

A very short one after the pretty long task we just did. Sail away and do your own thing, and after a day or so you’ll receive a Pager message from the Caretaker. Apparently Daria has requested to see you. Head back to Overbrook, and talk to Daria in her Tower to complete the quest.

Quest: The Raft of the Medusa.

This starts immediately after completing The Night Watch. Go outside Daria’s room and play your guitar, and the right song will automatically play. You’ll then be transported to a rather trippy minigame with psychedelic colours. This next bit requires some platforming, and is probably the most difficult skill-based task in the game. It’s much more challenging than the platforming you do in your meetings with Hades. Talk to Daria, and the mini game will begin. You’ll see floating platforms, and you need to jump up them to the very top where Daria is. Note that the walls act like portals to the other side of the screen. So if you walk into a wall, you’ll come out the other side.

Talk to Daria when you reach her at the top. You’ll need to climb up the platforms three times in total, with it getting progressively harder each time. On the second and third time, some of the platforms will disappear, so you’ll need to get your timing just right. It’ll be useful if you have the glide ability, but it’s not essential. Once you complete the platforming for the third time, you’ll finish the mini game. You’ll arrive back outside Daria’s room and the quest will complete, awarding you with 2 Radiant Springs as a result.

Radiant Springs Spiritfarer, Daria's mini game.
This mini game reveals a whole new side to Daria.

Quest: The Titanic Days

This will start upon you finishing The Raft of the Medusa. This quest is interlinked with the shenanigan ‘A Helpful Spending Spree’ (listed below). Once you have completed the shenanigan, complete the quest by playing your guitar by the flower patch on the building next to the vending machine. You’ll do the mini game for one final time and when you beat it you’ll receive 8 radiant Springs, and the quest will complete.

Shenanigan: A Helpful Spending Spree

The quest starts automatically, but to start the shenanigan you need to talk to the Caretaker again. They’re in their usual spot by the Tower. Then, head to the vending machine at the entrance of Overbrook. First, buy Health Nuts using the two Radiant Springs in your inventory. After this, the quest ‘The Great Wave’ will start. Complete ‘The Great Wave’ (listed below), then use the 4 Radiant Springs to buy Loose Spices from the vending machine. This will start the quest ‘The Last Supper’. Upon completing ‘The Last Supper’ (listed below), go back to the vending machine and purchase Crackers for Animals using 6 Radiant Springs. Finally, go back to the Caretaker outside the Tower (I did this once I’d completed the Titanic Days quest, but I don’t know whether that’s mandatory).

Quest: The Great Wave

After buying Health Nuts, head to the power station on the right hand side of the island. To find it, go back to your small boat, and then jump to the right. Climb to the top of the first building, and you’ll see a small patch of flowers growing on the wall. Stand on top of them, and play your guitar. It will launch the platforming mini game with Daria, and you’ll once again need to get to the top and talk to her three times. Once you’ve done that, the quest will complete and you’ll receive 4 Radiant Springs.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, The Great Wave.
This is the spot you need to play in.

Quest: The Last Supper

This launches after you purchase Loose Spices from the vending machine. For this one, you’ll need to play your guitar on top of the cafeteria. In case you’ve forgotten, the cafeteria is at the very top of the Overbrook hospital. Stand on top of it, directly on the patch of flowers growing on the wall, and play your guitar again. Wait to be transported to the mini game, and then do the platforming all three times to complete the quest and earn 6 Radiant Springs.

The Last Supper Quest, Cafeteria.
You’ll need to stand here, directly on top of the cafeteria.

Quest: Impression Sunrise

With this one, note that the quest won’t appear in your Requests log at first. You’ll need to start doing the actions necessary for the quest until it shows up. To begin with, go back to the vending machine. You should have 8 Radiant Springs that you got from completing ‘The Titanic Days’. Use 4 of them to buy Muriel’s Sticky Toffee from the vending machine. When you do this, a white spirit will appear next to you. Talk to them, and agree to trade them the toffee. In exchange, they’ll give you 8 Radiant Springs. Go back to the vending machine selection, and buy Space Sticks for 12 Radiant Springs. Then head back to your ship and wait for a Pager message; you should receive it the day after you complete the vending machine.

Once you get the message, head back to Overbrook, and meet Daria by the vending machine. Talk to her, and she’ll invite herself onto your ship. Unlike the other spirits, you won’t need to build her a house, as she’s only staying for a short time. She’ll be hanging upside down in your cabin, but you won’t be able to interact with her. Instead, head to the Everdoor. Once there, talk to Daria one final time, and take her onto the little boat, before journeying to the Everdoor together. Her dialogue here is quite short compared to the other spirits, and of all of them, she seems the most at peace about leaving. Once she’s moved on, you’ll arrive back on your boat, and the quest will complete.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Impression Sunrise.
I always get emotional when the Everdoor theme starts playing.

Quest: Perimeter Sweep

Once again, this quest won’t show up straight away. Go back to Overbrook, and you’ll find Daria’s spirit flower outside her room. It will be on the wall outside, and you can’t miss it. There’s a purple flower symbol indicating where it is, and you’ll be able to see it clearly. Once you collect it, head back to your ship and sail around for a while. After some time, a green exclamation mark will appear above Buck’s head (if you don’t have Buck yet, you can find him here). It’s clever that they used the one spirit that they can guarantee will still be on your boat. He’ll tell you that he heard some peculiar noises, and asks you to investigate.

Look around the ship, and you’ll discover Jackie hiding in one of the empty rooms! For me it was in Gwen’s room, but it might be different for you. Go inside and talk to him. He’ll admit he had nowhere else to go, so tell him that he can stay on your ship. This will complete the quest.

Perimeter Sweep Quest, Jackie hiding.
That sneaky hyena!

Quest: Feelin’ the Buzz

Wait a while, and a burgundy exclamation mark will appear above Jackie’s head. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he wants to help out around the ship as he doesn’t want to be a freeloader. Follow him to the Field, and then talk to him again. He’ll give you a blueprint for a Beehive. Go to the Blueprint Station, go down to ‘Improve’, and then select the Field on your ship. You’ll have the option to build a Beehive there, and it will cost 12 Pine Planks, 6 XP Potions, and 4 Gold Ingots. Once you’ve built it, talk to Jackie inside the field. He’ll tell you how to look after the bees, and the quest will complete.

Quest: Hello, my Name is Jackie

Upon completion of ‘Feelin’ the Buzz’, you’ll receive a blueprint so you can build somewhere for Jackie to stay. Go back to your Blueprint Station, select ‘Build’, and navigate across to the middle section where you build the rooms for the spirits. Select ‘Jackie’s On-Call Room’, and then place it wherever you want to build it on your ship. You’ll need 10 Pine Planks, 5 pieces of Cotton Fabric, 3 pieces of Marble, and 2 Silver Ingots. Once it’s been built, meet Jackie inside the room, and talk to him to complete the quest.

Quest: Hang in There, Skeleton

The next few quests are quite emotional, and develop Jackie’s character a lot. With this one, it won’t start straight away, so you’ll need to start doing these actions first. Grow flowers next to the Beehive, and wait for them to grow so that the bees can enjoy them. Wait a while, and Jackie will go in there; you’ll see his burgundy exclamation mark appear. When you talk to him, he’ll reveal that he struggles with regulating his emotions, and he asks for some alone time. Wait a while until his exclamation mark appears again, then meet him in his room and talk to him.

He’ll admit that he can’t handle the burden of caring for other anymore, and asks you to look after him as though he were one of your patients. He wants some upgrades to his room, the first thing is some Motivational Posters. He’ll give you a Blueprint that you can take over to your Blueprint Station. Select ‘Improve’, select Jackie’s On-Call Room on your ship, and then you’ll have the option to build the Motivational Posters. For these, you’ll need 1 Bronze Sheet, 5 Iron Ingots, and 1 Clear Glass Sheet. Make the improvement, and then talk to Jackie in his room to complete the quest.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Hang in There, Skeleton.
That is one cool tiger poster.

Quest: A Heart-Sized Desert

Immediately after you complete ‘Hang in there, Skeleton’, Jackie will ask you for a Zen Garden so that he can get out of his head. He’ll give you the Blueprint, so once again you need to take it over to your Blueprint Station and improve his On-Call Room. This improvement requires 12 Pine Planks, 1 Steel Sheet, and 16 pieces of Silk Fabric. Build it, then go back in the room and talk to Jackie to complete the quest.

Quest: Letting It Go for Dummies

Wait a while for Jackie’s exclamation mark to appear again (if you’re impatient, try saving and quitting, then reloading the game). He’ll ask you to get him some Self-Help Books, and he’ll give you the Blueprint. Head to your Blueprint Station one final time, and once again you’ll be improving Jackie’s room. This improvement needs 2 Crystal Glass Sheets, 6 Pulsar Ingots, and 2 Rose Gold Sheets. Complete the improvement, and then talk to Jackie in his room to complete the quest.

Quest: The Depths of the Pit

Wait some more time until Jackie’s burgundy exclamation mark appears once again, then talk to him in his room. He’s in a bad way, full of regret and self-loathing. He tells you that he’s done with life, and asks you to take him to the Everdoor. When you arrive there, speak to him in his room. He’ll ask if you’re ready, say ‘Yes’, and he’ll go to the small boat. Get in with him, and ferry him to the Everdoor. The quest will complete after he moves on and you arrive back on the ship.

The Depths of the Pit quest, Sending Jackie through the Everdoor.
Jackie is a complicated character, but that’s what makes him so special.


Alongside the main quest lines, there are also several shenanigans that you can do. These are standalone side quests, and involve undertaking tasks for spirits that aren’t relevant to the main storyline. There are 5 shenanigans that can be undertaken from Overbrook, and I’ve listed details for each one below, including where to go to start them. Please note that the bottom three can only be completed after finishing the shenanigan ‘Three’s Company’ from the main quest line.

Shenanigan: An Arm and a Leg

For this one, you’ll need to start by talking to the spirit on the top left of the hospital, next to the cafeteria. This is a very short one, or at least it was for me. You simply talk to them and they’ll ask you to for some ingredients. If you already have them in your inventory, the items will be automatically taken and you’ll just have to make your way through the dialogue. If you don’t have them yet, then you’ll need to go get them. The items are: 2 Household Glue (melt an Old Shoe in the Foundry), 10 sawdust (a by-product when you make a log into a plank), and pork. Once you give the spirit the items and finish the dialogue, the shenanigan will complete.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, An Arm and a Leg.
This white spirit on the seat is the one you need to talk to.

Shenanigan: The Real Spiritfarer

This one can be started by talking to a spirit on the right hand side of the island, near where the elevator is. When you first go to the right from your little boat, you want to jump on top of the very first building there. You’ll see a spirit stood there, and when you talk to him, he’ll claim to be the real Spiritfarer. He accuses you of stealing his job, but says you can make it up to him by helping him get his Everlight back. He says that he’s lost it in the water, and that you’ll need to fish it out for him.

Go back on to your ship, but stay moored at Overbrook. Instead of sailing away, go to your fishing rod, and fish in the water. You should fish up a lightbulb. It happened first try for me, but it may be different on your game. Once you have the lightbulb, return to the spirit and give it to him to complete the shenanigan.

Shenanigan, The Real Spiritfarer.
Here’s the ‘Real Spiritfarer’.

Shenanigan: Babysitter for the Pet

Look for the doctor at Overbrook hospital. He’s a fat teal spirit outside the first balcony, he’ll say “Oh!” when you’re near him, without you having to talk to him first. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he needs someone to look after his birds, as he left them when he moved here. You’ll also need to get some cherries as treats for them. He’ll send you to Edgeborough Lane (co-ordinates 192, -105) to find a petsitter, you need to find the Lizard King. You’ll probably have interacted with him earlier in the game. If you can’t remember where he is, he’s found on the roof of the building to the right of the lemon store (head right a little from where you arrive). Speak to him, and he’ll be delighted at the prospect of looking after the birds. Head back to the doctor in Overbrook, and talk to him to complete the shenanigan.

Shenanigan: Journey to the Core

Find the short green spirit next to the ruined structure in Overbrook (down and to the left of the Tower), where you found one of the lost spirits earlier. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you that the other spirits are calling him names, and he’d like them to stop. You’ll need to speak to the Head Doctor (the spirit we just did the ‘Babysitter for the Pet’ shenanigan for). He’ll feel apologetic, and ask you to give the other spirit an apple as a peace offering. He clearly has no idea how much they cost, as he gives you 5,000 glims to buy one! Take your apple back to the short green spirit and talk to him. He’ll reject the apple, but he’ll decide he’s happy with what he has in his life, and the shenanigan will complete.

Spiritfarer Jackie and Daria Quest Guide, Journey to the Core.
You’re looking for this spirit here.

Shenanigan: The Right Kind of Spice

For the final new shenanigan, you need to find the chef in the Overbrook cafeteria. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s at the top of the hospital. Speak to the chef through the window, and they’ll ask for help with getting new meals. You’ll need to get French Fries, Muesli, Fisherman’s Pie, and Vegetable Stir Fry (I’ve linked all the recipes). If you have them in your inventory, you’ll automatically show them to the chef when you talk to them. If you do not have the meals in your inventory, you’ll instead be asked to get some ingredients for them. You’ll need 4 Leeks, 3 Raspberries, 5 Rice Flour (put Rice in the Windmill), and 4 Potatoes. The shenanigan will complete once you finish the conversation.


Phew, that was a lot! Hopefully this has helped with whichever quest or shenanigan you were stuck on. I spent countless hours making sure this guide was as detailed and useful as possible, so if there’s anything you think I’ve missed then please do let me know in the comments.

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  1. i’m on the last part of the spending spree and you said you have to finish the titanic days. it in the titanic days you say you have to finish the spending spree, i’m stuck here and i don’t know what to do

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