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Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans Guide

With the wonderful new Jackie and Daria update, Spiritfarer comes to a close, as the developers have confirmed this is the last update. But whilst we wait for whatever wonders Thunder Lotus have in store for us next, we can enjoy the hours of new content that they’ve provided for us this time. Along with two new characters, Jackie and Daria, we’ve also been given a new island to discover. Overbrook is found in the misty region near Obscure Canopy, and is the main focal point of the update. As well as the main quests, there are five total shenanigans that can be found here. I’ve made this Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans guide to give you detailed instructions for all of them.

Please note, the final three shenanigans can only be discovered after completing the shenanigan ‘Three’s Company’ as part of the main quest line. If you haven’t done that yet, you can find the full Jackie and Daria quest guide here. I’ve also included all the new recipes at the end, in case you still need them.

Shenanigan: An Arm and a Leg

For this one, you’ll need to start by talking to the spirit on the top left of the hospital, next to the cafeteria. This is a very short one, or at least it was for me. You simply talk to them and they’ll ask you to for some ingredients. If you already have them in your inventory, the items will be automatically taken and you’ll just have to make your way through the dialogue. If you don’t have them yet, then you’ll need to go get them. The items are: 2 Household Glue (melt an Old Shoe in the Foundry), 10 sawdust (a by-product when you make a log into a plank), and pork. Once you give the spirit the items and finish the dialogue, the shenanigan will complete.

Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans Guide, An Arm and a Leg.
This white spirit on the seat is the one you need to talk to.

Shenanigan: The Real Spiritfarer

This one can be started by talking to a spirit on the right hand side of the island, near where the elevator is. When you first go to the right from your little boat, you want to jump on top of the very first building there. You’ll see a spirit stood there, and when you talk to him, he’ll claim to be the real Spiritfarer. He accuses you of stealing his job, but says you can make it up to him by helping him get his Everlight back. He says that he’s lost it in the water, and that you’ll need to fish it out for him.

Go back on to your ship, but stay moored at Overbrook. Instead of sailing away, go to your fishing rod, and fish in the water. You should fish up a lightbulb. It happened first try for me, but it may be different on your game. Once you have the lightbulb, return to the spirit and give it to him to complete the shenanigan.

Shenanigan, The Real Spiritfarer.
Here’s the ‘Real Spiritfarer’.

Shenanigan: Babysitter for the Pet

Look for the doctor at Overbrook hospital. He’s a fat teal spirit outside the first balcony, he’ll say “Oh!” when you’re near him, without you having to talk to him first. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he needs someone to look after his birds, as he left them when he moved here. You’ll also need to get some cherries as treats for them. He’ll send you to Edgeborough Lane (co-ordinates 192, -105) to find a petsitter, you need to find the Lizard King. You’ll probably have interacted with him earlier in the game. If you can’t remember where he is, he’s found on the roof of the building to the right of the lemon store (head right a little from where you arrive). Speak to him, and he’ll be delighted at the prospect of looking after the birds. Head back to the doctor in Overbrook, and talk to him to complete the shenanigan.

Shenanigan: Journey to the Core

Find the short green spirit next to the ruined structure in Overbrook (down and to the left of the Tower), where you found one of the lost spirits earlier. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you that the other spirits are calling him names, and he’d like them to stop. You’ll need to speak to the Head Doctor (the spirit we just did the ‘Babysitter for the Pet’ shenanigan for). He’ll feel apologetic, and ask you to give the other spirit an apple as a peace offering. He clearly has no idea how much they cost, as he gives you 5,000 glims to buy one! Take your apple back to the short green spirit and talk to him. He’ll reject the apple, but he’ll decide he’s happy with what he has in his life, and the shenanigan will complete.

Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans Guide, Journey to the Core.
You’re looking for this spirit here.

Shenanigan: The Right Kind of Spice

For the final new shenanigan, you need to find the chef in the Overbrook cafeteria. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s at the top of the hospital. Speak to the chef through the window, and they’ll ask for help with getting new meals. You’ll need to get French Fries, Muesli, Fisherman’s Pie, and Vegetable Stir Fry (I’ve linked all the recipes). If you have them in your inventory, you’ll automatically show them to the chef when you talk to them. If you do not have the meals in your inventory, you’ll instead be asked to get some ingredients for them. You’ll need 4 Leeks, 3 Raspberries, 5 Rice Flour (put Rice in the Windmill), and 4 Potatoes. The shenanigan will complete once you finish the conversation.

New Recipes

With the Jackie and Daria update came five brand new recipes! They all involve Honey, presumably seeing as we now have a regular source of it due to the Beehive. Honey was already available as an ingredient before the update, but it was much rarer. You will need 5 jars of Honey to complete all the new recipes. To make the recipes, simply use the oven in your ship’s Kitchen.

  • Lollipops (cook Honey by itself)
  • Honey Ham (cook Honey with Pork)
  • Glazed Carrots (cook Honey with Carrots)
  • Cough Drops (cook Honey with Fireglow)
  • Lokma (cook Honey with any kind of Flour)


I hope this Spiritfarer Overbrook Shenanigans Guide has been useful to you! I found these requests really fun to do, and a great way to round out this final update. If you loved them too, join the discussion over in our Facebook community. Also, if you want to support the website so that I can continue to make great content in the future, then please consider donating here!

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