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Success or Mess, movies starting with M

It’s time for another success or mess quiz, this time for movies starting with M! The premise of these quizzes is simple – figure out whether critics would have rated the movies highly, or whether the films flopped. As always, these scores are based on the critics on the Rotten Tomatoes website. I’d recommend thinking carefully when choosing your answers, and don’t be distracted by sentiment. You have to consider whether it’s the kind of movie that would appeal to people who have to assess based on set criteria. So, put your feelings to one side, and see how you do in this quiz!

Now, bear in mind that this is based onĀ the overall percentage from the critics. Audience scores are irrelevant to this quiz, so try to think from the perspective of an expert. The classification for success or mess is:

Over 75 = Success

74 or under = Mess

So, with the rules out of the way, I wish you the best of luck! No cheating!

#1. Mamma Mia! (2008)

I was a little surprised by this one, as it seemed to be so popular at the time. Alas, the critics didn’t see that, and it scored a measly 55%. The 2018 sequel did considerably better though, and was rated a respectable 79%.

#2. Men in Black: International (2019)

Ooft, the critics did not care for this one at all, it scored a shockingly low 23%. Honestly, I think that’s more than a little unfair, as I thought the movie was a lot of fun. Dare I say it, I liked this one even more than the originals.

#3. Mission: Impossible (1996)

This makes me raaaaage. Like, I’m big mad. Who do these critics think they are? They think they’re too good for Mission: Impossible? This movie kickstarted THE best movie franchise that there is (don’t fight me on this, just go with it), and it only got 66%? Ridiculous.

#4. Man of Steel (2013)

No surprises here. Well, I suppose it actually is a surprise for you seeing as you apparently thought this movie was a success, but it really shouldn’t have been. The DCU has consistently missed the mark when it comes to making movies, and unfortunately Man of Steel was no exception.

#5. Maleficent (2014)

You’ve got high expectations to compete with when you make a live action Disney movie, and Maleficent just didn’t reach them.

#6. Misery (1990)

This Stephen King classic was met with high acclaim.

#7. Madagascar (2005)

Clearly the critics just hate talent. How can you watch Madagascar and think that it’s anything other than spectacular?

#8. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

#9. Mr Bean's Holiday (2007)

This is one of those movies that you kinda know won’t be a success, but you really want it to be.

#10. Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

Whilst the 2017 remake didn’t fare as well, the 1974 version of this Agatha Christie classic was hailed by critics.


Well, how did you manage with these movies starting with M? There were a few answers in there that surprised me when I was putting the quiz together, so I’ll be very impressed if you got all 10! Even a score of 7 or more demonstrates awesome movie knowledge. If you scored 6 or less, don’t fret, I’d probably have been in the same boat. Besides, this is just what the movie critics think, what really matters is your own opinion. So what if the critics think your favourite movie is a mess? The important thing is that you love it. Share this quiz with your friends to see how your scores compare.

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