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The Good Place Quotes Quiz

Who doesn’t love The Good Place? Total benches, that’s who. This moving comedy captured the hearts of millions of viewers, and for good reason. Even now, fans still flock to rewatch the show, and there are many who consider it to be one of the best TV shows of all time. It has beautifully complex characters, a compelling plot, and heartfelt moments that really stick with you. But as well as all that, it has some absolutely killer quotes. The question is… How well do you remember them?

This quiz will give you ten quotes from across the series, and all you have to do is remember who said them. Be careful not to get tripped up, some of the answers are trickier than others. Whilst it’s certainly not easy, it’s not as fiendishly difficult as The Ultimate The Good Place Quiz, so if you fancy a real challenge, then you should attempt that afterwards. The questions start off pretty simple, and then get a bit tougher towards the end, so be prepared. With all that said, it’s time to get on with the quiz… Good luck! And remember, cheaters go to the Bad Place, so no Googling!

The Quiz


#1. Who said "Yeah, yeah, the Time-Knife. We've all seen it"?

This broke Chidi almost as much as the tittle on the i in Jeremy Bearimy.

#2. Who is "not a girl"?

It’s how Jason knows it’s really her!

#3. Who said "Pobody's Nerfect"?

Eleanor’s charm as she delivers this line is majestic.

#4. Who said "I Hate Your Boots"?

He finally came clean about the red cowboy boots.

#5. Who said "Claustrophobic? Who Would Ever Be Afraid Of Santa Claus"?

He’s not the smartest tool in the shed, but he is the sweetest.

#6. Who said "'Ello, love. Pish-posh. Tuna and pickles. I once played billiards with Questlove and Olivia Munn"

She was trying to get into Tahani’s headspace.

#7. Who said "Can't you tell? I'm basically squealing like a birthday girl"?

Of course, this was said in his typical deadpan voice.

#8. Who said "You're pulling an Eleanor"?

To her credit, she can sometimes acknowledge her own flaws.

#9. Who said "God forbid there's a single day when I'm the special one"?

Poor Larry has a serious complex when it comes to his talented brothers!

#10. Who said "If soulmates do exist, they’re not found. They’re made"?

As funny as the show was, there were also a lot of moving quotes like this one.


So, how did you get on? If you scored 7 or higher then consider me impressed! You’re clearly a true fan, the kind who could give even Chidi a run for his money when it comes to retaining knowledge. If you scored lower, don’t worry about it. That just means it’s a sign that you need to rewatch the show, as if you needed an excuse.

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