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There are few shows as universally beloved as Gilmore Girls. It’s been over 2 decades since the first episode was released, and yet the series proves as popular as ever. There’s something so special about this show, and it can be really comforting to sit and rewatch it. Star’s Hollow is such a vibrant town full of lovable characters, not least of which are Rory and Lorelai themselves. We get to watch the ups and downs of their lives, and grow with them as the series progresses. The writing is witty whilst also endearing, and it’s no wonder that fans just don’t seem ready to let this show go. But how well do you really know it? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test in this ultimate Gilmore Girls quiz!

Now, be prepared, these questions start off pretty easy, but steadily get more difficult. You’ll have to whip out those obscure memories of episodes if you want to stand any chance of succeeding. Don’t be fooled by the fact it’s multiple choice, because you may still find yourself struggling. So, do you think you’re ready? Then… Oy with the poodles, already! Let’s go!

The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Quiz


#1. Who was Rory with when she first met Logan?

#2. Who owned the Independence Inn when Lorelai was working there?

#3. How much does Jess bid on Rory's basket in A-Tisket, A-Tasket?

“Sold! To the young hoodlum in the back for $90!”

#4. What was the name of Kirk's skincare line?

#5. What place do Rory and Lorelai come in the dance marathon?

Was this the most public and embarrassing break-up ever?

#6. Where does Dean get the metal charm for Rory's bracelet?

#7. Which of these classes did Rory take in her first year at Yale? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

It’s interesting that Rory chose to go to Yale when they don’t have a journalism course.

#8. Outside of seasons 2 and 3, how many episodes does Jess appear in? (Excluding AYITL)

I was really glad we got to see him mature in the later seasons.

#9. What was the title of Asher Fleming's book that he 'dedicated to Paris'?

#10. How many episodes are Richard and Emily separated for? (Inclusive of the break-up and reunion episodes)

#11. What was the name of the dog that Emily and Richard briefly took care of?

#12. Which of these things is Paul Anka NOT scared of?

He’s scared of paperback books, but hardbacks get a pass.

#13. How many total Puffs/ prospective Puffs are there when Rory and Paris are being initiated?

#14. What colour are the tablecloths at Rory's Debutante Ball?

#15. When Sookie takes over Luke's Diner due to the inn fire, what does she make for breakfast? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:


Well, how did you do? Would your Gilmore Girls knowledge get you an honourary Yale degree, or did you crash harder than Kirk skydiving out of an airplane? If you scored 9 or more then you can hold your head up high, that’s pretty impressive. If you managed to get all 15 then congratulations! You’re a true Star’s Hollow aficionado. If you got 8 or less, then no worries, that just sounds to me like you’re due another rewatch, and that could never be a bad thing.

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