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I remember the very first time I was introduced to Once Upon a Time. The show had been out for 3 seasons, and one of my friends recommended it to me, so I decided that I may as well check it out. And I am so glad that I did. I was hooked (pun intended) from the very first episode, and binged those initial seasons in just a short couple of weeks. It was a magical experience, and I immersed myself in the rich world that the show created. The characters were all so real, and so 3-dimensional. The storylines were engaging, and the settings so delightful. I’ve rewatched the entire show many times now, as I always get the urge to return to that world. And so, I’ve created the Ultimate Once Upon a Time quiz!

I have to warn you, this quiz isn’t for casual fans. I mean, you could give it a try, but you’d struggle a lot. Because this is intended for the hardcore fans. Those people like me who threw themselves into the world of Once Upon a Time. The people who will always carry a little piece of the show in their hearts. If that sounds like you, then let’s see how you fare! The quiz starts off simple enough, but it gets harder as you go along, and you’ll need to pull out all the stops. And as we know from the show, good always triumphs over evil, so no cheating!

#1. Who killed Snow White's mother?

Snow’s rage at discovering this ultimately led to her orchestrating Cora’s death.

#2. Which number daughter was Ingrid?

As many evil things as she did, I couldn’t help feeling bad for the Snow Queen.

#3. What was the name of Killian's brother?

#4. Going by the critics score, which two seasons scored highest on Rotten Tomatoes?

Both seasons 2 and 5 scored the full 100%!

#5. What was the name of the woman Dr Jekyll was in love with?

When he realised Mary didn’t love him back, he accidentally pushed her to her death.

#6. What time was frozen on the Storybrooke clock before Emma decided to stay there?

One of my favourite scenes is Henry’s grin when it ticks over to 8:16 for the first time ever.

#7. Why did Dreamy become Grumpy?

I will never forgive the Blue Fairy for tearing those two apart.

#8. Which is the correct spelling?

It’s a tricky one to remember!

#9. Why did Cora give Zelena up?

It’s one of the most selfish lines of the whole series.

#10. What killed Hades?

RIP Robin Hood, but at least Hades got his comeuppance.

#11. What are the directions to Neverland?

I feel like these directions are fundamentally flawed as surely there are many stars visible at various heights, so how would you know which one counts as the ‘second star to the right’?

#12. How many guys does Emma kiss (on the lips) over the course of the show?

Graham, Neal, Walsh the creepy flying monkey dude, and Hook.

#13. Which of these is NOT a name used by Belle's son?

Roderick was the name of Gideon’s friend in the Black Fairy’s domain.

#14. What birth mark does Lily have?

When she’s grown up, she goes by the name ‘Starla’, presumably as a reference to this birth mark.

#15. How much money went 'missing' from the budget for the new Storybrooke playground?

Sidney tricks Emma into publicly confronting Regina, only for it to be revealed that the money hadn’t been stolen after all, and was being used for the new playground.



Well, how did you get on with the Ultimate Once Upon a Time quiz? If you somehow managed to get all 15, then you officially have the Heart of the Truest Believer! If you scored 9 or more, then you should be very impressed with yourself, and you can absolutely call yourself a super-fan. And if you scored 8 or less, then don’t feel too bad. It was a tough quiz, and I certainly can’t blame you. You can just use this as an excuse to start a rewatch! Don’t forget to share this quiz with your friends to see which of you is the biggest fan.

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  1. 15/15 I got them all right biggest fan ever right here. I love this show so much and I never tire of rewatching it.

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