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The Ultimate Spiritfarer Quiz Cover

So, you think you know Spiritfarer? This gorgeous game quickly became one of my favourites within just a few hours of playing it. For the first few days after I discovered it, I would spend almost every waking hour delving into that beautiful world. I became invested with the touching stories of the spirits, and loved exploring the various locations. I was thrilled when the developers (check out my interview with them!) added extra DLC to it that gave more quests for Buck, and introduced new characters. And I know that many other fans feel the same way. But do you know it as well as you think you do? To test you, I’ve created the ultimate Spiritfarer quiz.

Be warned, this is not an easy one. When I say ‘ultimate’, I mean it. It starts off simple enough, but quickly becomes more and more challenging. If you really want to prove yourself as a fan, then this is the quiz for you. As with any of my quizzes, no Googling is allowed! After all, the only person you’ll be cheating is yourself. So with that said, best of luck!

The Quiz


#1. Who is the first spirit you send through the Everdoor?

Several of the spirits can be done in a less specific order, but Gwen will always be first.

#2. What is Atul's favourite food?

I expect some of you may have got tripped up by the Fried Chicken seeing as that took forever to make!

#3. What is Stanley's favourite food?

He gets so cute and excited when you feed them to him.

#4. Which spirit do you find at the Hikarishima Lighthouse?

You can only go here after you unlock the Bounce ability.

#5. Whose home is the upgrade 'Neoclassical Nordic Fireplace' available for?

Gustav prefers the finer things in life.

#6. Which spirit is linked to the Quartz Dragon mini-game?

For those of you who picked Elena, her challenge involves the Gold Dragon, not the Quartz Dragon.

#7. What is the name of the song that Summer teaches you to play on guitar to the crops?

Honestly, I could listen to that song for hours, it’s so peaceful!

#8. What is the final ship upgrade?

It allows your boat to move 80% faster!

#9. Which ingots are required for the Rock Destroyer upgrade?

#10. What profession does the spirit in Villa Maggiore have?

He’s the one who knew Gwen.

#11. Where can you buy an Obol?

You can get an Obol from all the other places, but you do not have to buy it.

#12. Which influence gives Astrid +3 mood?

Seems Astrid loved Atul just as much as the rest of us!

#13. How many Radiant Springs do you get in total?

These are used to buy items from the Vending Machine in Overbrook.

#14. What is the last improvement for Alice's Cottage?

Alice’s Cottage is so quaint and cosy. She was such a lovely spirit.

#15. How many glims can you sell Lightning in a Bottle for?

These are useful in a lot of improvements and upgrades.



So, how’d you do in The Ultimate Spiritfarer Quiz? If you scored 6 or below, it might be time to replay the game! Don’t see that as a bad thing, instead, see it as an opportunity to re-experience the wonder. If you scored 7-10, congratulations, you’re a real fan! You were clearly paying attention when you played this game. If you scored 11-14, consider me seriously impressed! You’re a cut above the rest when it comes to Spiritfarer trivia. And if you scored 15/15… You’re a living legend! Your incredible knowledge of Spiritfarer is an honour to behold.

I hope you had fun with this quiz! If you did, share it with your friends and see which of you knows Spiritfarer the best. And if you enjoy video games, why not join the discussion in our Facebook community? Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to catch up with all things Screen Hype! And if you fancy another challenge, you should check out The Ultimate Stardew Valley quiz!

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