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The Ultimate Stardew Valley Quiz

When it comes to farm life games, Stardew Valley has to be one of the most popular. Released in February 2016, it became a worldwide phenomenon, and that popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Despite being a one-man development team, ConcernedApe created a brilliantly complex game that has captured the hearts of millions. There are deep and colourful characters, fun pixellated graphics, a whole host of crops to grow, new areas to unlock, exciting quests, and so much more. Unsurprisingly, there are those who have dedicated hundreds of hours to their virtual farms. And if you’re here, then you’re probably one of them. But the question is, how well do you really know the game? How will you fare in this fiendishly difficult Ultimate Stardew Valley quiz?

It starts off pretty doable, but the questions will get harder and harder as you go on. By the end, only the most hardcore of fans will be able to answer. Feeling nervous yet? You should be! Now, remember, it’s only fun if you play properly, so don’t cheat and Google the answers. Best of luck!

#1. Which building is closest to the Blacksmith?

The Museum and Blacksmith are practically next door, which makes it convenient to donate things you find from geodes.

#2. Which season has the most festivals?

All the other seasons have 2, but Winter has 3. The Festival of Ice, the Night Market, and the Feast of the Winter Star.

#3. Who dances with Sam at the Flower Dance if you're not with him?

Of all the implied couples, these two always seemed the most innocuous.

#4. Which of these crops can NOT be grown in multiple seasons?

Starfruit can be grown exclusively in the summer.

#5. What is the cheapest mineral?

It sells for a pitiful 25g.

#6. How many eggs do you need in order to beat Abigail at the egg hunt?

You will always lose to Abigail unless you can get 9 or more eggs.

#7. A popular fan theory posits that which character is actually the child of The Wizard?

It’s a very interesting and plausible theory, I advise you to go check it out if you haven’t already heard it!

#8. Which of these crops can NOT grow into a giant crop?

I always want to turn the giant pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage.

#9. Which is the earliest level of the mine that you can find a frozen geode?

Not to be confused with a frozen tear!

#10. What colour is the background of the official ConcernedApe logo?

#11. If you go the Joja route, how much does it cost to unlock the bus to The Calico Desert?

If you know this, you probably went the Joja route, so shame on you!

#12. Which character gives you the recipe for parsnip soup?

Getting recipes is one of the best parts of befriending people!

#13. Which of these does Sebastian not love?

He likes flounder, but he doesn’t quite love it.

#14. How many days does kale take to grow?

#15. Which of these is the name of a statue you can place in your home?

What does it MEAN?!


Well, how did you get on with this Ultimate Stardew Valley quiz? If you scored 9 or a more, then you’re a certified connoiseur of all things Stardew. If you scored 8 or less, then not to worry, it was a tough quiz! Perhaps this is your sign that you should go back and attend to your farm. I’m sure your crops miss you! Don’t forget to share this quiz with your friends and see how they fare. Which one of you is the biggest fan?

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