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The Ultimate The Good Place Quiz

If you’ve never seen The Good Place, then stop reading this and go watch it now. I mean it, get up, grab your TV remote, load up Netflix, and get to watching. However, I’m going to assume that most of you who would click on a link like this have already seen The Good Place. And so, it’s time to prove how much you really love the show. Plenty of quizzes claim to be for real fans, but then ask super easy questions like “What was Eleanor’s surname” or something like that. This isn’t one of those quizzes. If you want to score an easy full marks, then perhaps one of those quizzes would be better for you. But if you want to prove your loyalty to the show, and make yourself proud, then this is the place to be. Prepare yourself for The Ultimate The Good Place Quiz!

The first few questions somewhat ease you into it, but then the pace really gets going. This is going to be forking difficult. Remember, no cheating (although Google won’t have half of these answers anyway). Ask yourself ‘What would Eleanor do?’ and then do the opposite. You’ve got this!

#1. Who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?

I loved Chidi’s frustration in this scene.

#2. What day of the week is represented by the dot over the 'i' in Jeremy Bearimy?

This broke Chidi.

#3. In the second attempt, what is the name of Jason/ Jianyu's soulmate?

Jason wasn’t thrilled with his new ‘best friend’.

#4. What did the Doorman name his pet frog?

Michael thought that… Never mind…

#5. Which of these was NOT in Eleanor's shopping cart when she died? (Think carefully)

The margarita mix had fallen out of her cart, she died trying to pick it back up again.

#6. What colour are Disco Janet's sleeves?

#7. Vicky is a strong independent _____ in the body of a strong independent woman. Fill in the blank.

Vicky always commits to her roles.

#8. Why does Tahani call Prince William 'Good Will'?

Tahani’s name-dropping is one of the best parts of the show.

#9. How many Jeremy Bearimys later is it when Jason makes his initial decision to leave The Good Place?

He then stays for an extra thousand Jeremy Bearimys because he wants to make sure he gives Janet her goodbye gift.

#10. According to the baby elephant made of pure light, who killed JFK?

You can’t question the elephant.

#11. Which of these was NOT a name of a frozen yoghurt place in the first neighbourhood?

I’m sorry, I was a bit evil with this one. The actual name of the shop was Yogurt, Yoghurt, YogurtĂ©.

#12. What colour were the 4 circles in Kamilah's painting that Tahani realised represented their family?

It was so touching when Tahani realised that Kamilah had also been damaged by their upbringing, just in a different way.

#13. What candy does Chidi add to his chili when he has his mental breakdown? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

You put the Peeps in the chili pot and make it taste… Bad.

#14. How much does Brent want to charge for a copy of his Chip Driver novel?

He solves the murder on page 10, so who knows what the rest of the book is about!

#15. Which of these are used as indicators of a bad person in the 'litmus test'? (Select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

Reheating fish or paying to hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers would have failed the test, but eggs and Nickelback weren’t mentioned.


So, how did you do? If you scored 9 or more, then congratulations, that’s impressive! Those were some tough questions, and you must have a memory that would give even Chidi a run for his money. If you got all 15 right, then oh dip! You’re undeniably, indisputably one of the foremost The Good Place fans around. If you scored 8 or less, not to worry, take this as your sign that it’s time for a rewatch! Regardless of your score, don’t forget to share this with your friends to see if they can do any better than you.

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