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Modern Family Quotes Quiz

Modern Family is one of the funniest and most beloved comedy shows of the millenium. Even after 11 seasons, it still brought in nearly 7.5 million viewers for the finale, and that was just counting cable. Modern Family has been a staple of streaming sites for many years, bouncing from service to service as the big names fight over the rights. Along the way, viewers have fallen in love with the quirky characters and unique humour that makes the show so enjoyable. But how well do you know the characters? Test yourself with this Modern Family quotes quiz!

Remember, no using Google to cheat, that defeats the purpose! Some of these might be a little tricky, but give it your best go and see how you do. Channel the unbridled optimism of Phil, the brains of Alex, and the sheer determination of Claire, and you’re sure to do well. Think about what makes each character so unique and special, and fit their personality to these iconic lines. You’ve got this!

Modern Family quotes quiz

#1. "I would love to be wrong, but I don't live with the right people for that."

#2. “Why do I have to watch a French movie, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

#3. "You're not going to drive me into a bad neighborhood to show me how lucky I am, are you?"

#4. "Ok keep in mind, I'm not in makeup yet, but do these sandals make my legs look thick? Because I can lower the hem."

#5. "My options today are frat house, duck village, or car crash. I'm feeling very comfortable with my decision."

#6. "You're missing out on life, Mitchell. Take off your shackles and show people who you really are."

#7. "I want a White Christmas. You know, like white people have."

#8. "I like stealing. It makes my heart go fast."

#9. "Boy, did I get lucky. I'm going to blame everything on him until he learns how to talk."

#10. “Ugh! I need Instagram to know there’s still beauty in the world!”


So, how did you do in this Modern Family quotes quiz? If you got 7 or more, you deserve a pat on the back, that’s an impressive score! If you scored 6 or less, this is your sign that it’s time for a rewatch! Which characters are your favourite? See if your thoughts align with mine, by checking out this article ranking all the family members. And if you want a fun and friendly place to discuss all your favourite shows, movies, and games, then join our wonderful Facebook community!

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